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car seat for ford focus 2004 (54 reg)

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vickiyumyum Wed 06-Jul-05 13:56:40

hi all, hoping for a bit of help, as need 2 new booster type seats for my new car that i collect today.
my ds's are 3 and 8, but i like them to sit in the car in the boosters with the backs.
i need to buy new ones because the ones in my old car have to be given to the insurance after my car was written off after someone reversed into it!
i have had the graco juniors in the past, but to be honest i wasn't too happy with them especially after reading the which report.
as focus is such a common car, i'm sure that one of you have one of these cars and boosters in the back.

NomDePlume Wed 06-Jul-05 13:58:16

I have a 1998 Focus and use the Britax Trio for DD, suitable from 9mo - 11 years. Can't fault it for older toddlers and children, TBH.

foxinsocks Wed 06-Jul-05 13:59:19

we use 2 Britax Kids in ours

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