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What age is Playmobil suitable from ??

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nutcracker Mon 04-Jul-05 15:42:21

Is it from 3 or older ???

LIZS Mon 04-Jul-05 15:49:18

Most says from 4+, some from 3 (the bunnies for example), some from 5 or 6 - the crane I think was aged 5. dd has been playing with ds' figures since before she was 3 but there are lots of small accessories and fiddly things to manipulate.

geekgrrl Mon 04-Jul-05 15:51:16

I'd say to properly play with it 5 - 6. As LIZS said, there are so many tiny pieces. But you can get Playmobil 123 which is lovely for the under 5s.

nutcracker Mon 04-Jul-05 15:56:55

Ahh right, might leave it a few more years then, Ds is only 2.6.

Would love to get the dd's the modern house but seeing as I brought them a wooden one last year, i think dp would kill me

Marina Mon 04-Jul-05 15:58:48

Hm, if you have older children with any then the little one will pitch right in nutty. Dd is not yet two but wanting to join in ds' Playmobil games. She calls all the pirates "bebbies" and keeps stealing them to put them to bed under a pink blanket...
Agree Playmobil 123 is lovely. Wish she'd play with hers!

clary Mon 04-Jul-05 16:04:37

My 3 love playmobil, we have had a fair amount of it since their birthdays last summer, when the older ones were 5 and 3 and ds2 was ahem, 14 mo....
At first I used to insist they played with it on the table, but then when he got good at climbing up there, capitulated to the inevitable. As MArina says, he pitches right in there.
You can always hide away the very small pieces/glue the hats on etc.
Actually in our house we have a number of toys which are "under mummy's supervision only" eg marble run, playmobil, very small lego, and that makes them fun in a different way.
gettign quite lax about even that tho, now ds2 has reached the grand age of 2.2mo!!

nutcracker Mon 04-Jul-05 16:08:28

Awww Marina, your dd sounds so sweet.

Dd's are 7 and 5 and so far they haven't any playmobil stuff/ Dd2 was interested in the zoo last year but then changed her mind.

The 123 stuff is quite similar to ds's Happyland stuff so I might wait until he's a bit older and get him the bigger boys stuff then.


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