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whatever happened to beach robes?

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hatstand Mon 04-Jul-05 14:57:06

ever since seeing Boden's lovely towelling beach robes I have hankered after some (they were standard issue - part of going on holiday when I was a kid) but refused to pay Boden's £25-odd. Got excited when I saw Boden's sale was on, but they've clearly been extremely popular as they only have ones for 6 month olds left. Found some others on another posh website (looked lovely, somebody Mitty, I think it was called) but they were even worse at £28. Anyone else seen any? I just think they're ideal for the beach but not prepared to pay that much for holiday wear.

gs Mon 04-Jul-05 21:41:48

think white company do them and may have some in the sale good luck

LittleStarsweeper Mon 04-Jul-05 21:45:41

Nah, sew a couple of towels together, like we did in the olden days. You may start a trend!

vicdubya Mon 04-Jul-05 21:49:55

Absolutely, get some nice brightly coloured towelling from your local haberdashers and run one up. You could do one of those ones that has a gathered neck with elastic and a poncho effect to get changed under. And use any spare to make an attractive turban style head thingie too.

£25 indeed!!!!

fishfinger Mon 04-Jul-05 21:50:23

next or towcho for kids

hatstand Mon 04-Jul-05 22:20:14

i had wondered about making them but I'd really like something that looks like a dress - ie something they can wear after the beach and believe me if I made it it would look nothing like a dress. I also like the idea of a hood and that is definitely beyond me. I tried Next - couldn't see anything am off to try White Co (but since when did they do anything for less than £25?!)

vicdubya Mon 04-Jul-05 22:27:34

White Company have got a sale on, they are £16 for the larger sizes, £14.40 for the smaller.

Tommy Mon 04-Jul-05 22:31:52

don't know if it's the same thing but you can get towel hoody things in a lot of beach shops. I've also seen them in The Range - for about £5. My DSs have them - like a poncho with a hood IYSWIM

Surfermum Mon 04-Jul-05 22:33:36

DD has a £5 shark one from Wilkinson's. Mine is a lovely 70's flowery pattern, with an elasticated neck, made lovingly by my mum. It's seen a lot of action on a lot of beaches.

hatstand Mon 04-Jul-05 22:34:26

but does the White Co do actual towl
elling dresses? I could only find towels with hoods

hatstand Mon 04-Jul-05 22:36:43

this is the kind of thing I'm after

hatstand Mon 04-Jul-05 22:36:49

this is the kind of thing I'm after

hatstand Mon 04-Jul-05 22:36:49

this is the kind of thing I'm after

hatstand Mon 04-Jul-05 22:37:30

not sure how that happened...

Surfermum Mon 04-Jul-05 22:37:34

Ok you've made your point !

lunachic Mon 04-Jul-05 22:38:43

think blooming marvellous or jojo had some cheaper

dizzydo Tue 05-Jul-05 14:28:58

Hastand - where are you. I have a Mitty James red and white striped beach robe age 6/7? Its been well used but still ok, you can have it if you want.

vicdubya Tue 05-Jul-05 22:18:24

I have got their summer sale brochure, they have definitely got them in there. Maybe they've sold out.

CountessDracula Tue 05-Jul-05 22:21:33

dd has fab white co one

can recommend

hatstand Wed 06-Jul-05 21:14:44

dizzydo - that's really kind if you - many thanks - but age 6/7 would probably fit both of mins at once! cd - are your white co ones like dresses? i can't find them if they are. vicdubya - yes the boden ones are all sold out.

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