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I want to buy some leggings for dd1, can anyone recommend anywhere online?

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Enid Wed 11-Jun-03 10:36:12

Does anyone know where I can buy good quality leggings for my 3.5 year old dd? Boden used to do them but have stopped - 'as they aren't fashionable anymore' - thanks!

It really needs to be an online shop as I don't have many shops near me.

bossykate Wed 11-Jun-03 12:30:47


found something called "nautical pull-ups" at jjmmbb .

also, found some at bebe amour .

another one to try, kids window .

or, have a look at next directory


tamum Wed 11-Jun-03 12:33:49

GLTC do good ones, too!

SoupDragon Wed 11-Jun-03 12:34:17

Apparently, if you type MUMSNET into the promotional code box when checking out at the Kids Window, you get 10% off everything...

Batters Wed 11-Jun-03 15:00:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

leese Wed 11-Jun-03 18:45:25

Also verbaudet -

soyabean Thu 12-Jun-03 15:07:45

Great little trading company have lovely ones and a very good sale on at the moment

Enid Thu 12-Jun-03 15:10:48

Wow, thanks everyone, will enjoy virtual traipsing round all these sites later (or tomorrow when I am supposed to be working).

Jaybee Thu 12-Jun-03 15:36:39

batters - do Tesco online do clothes?? i was looking the other day to try and buy ds some school trousers but could find their clothes.

Jaybee Thu 12-Jun-03 15:56:06

sorry - that should be couldn't find their clothes...

Batters Fri 13-Jun-03 09:23:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

badjelly Fri 13-Jun-03 10:57:03

I get all mine from Argos Additions

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