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Christening Gifts for a boy...inspire me chaps....

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beetroot Mon 04-Jul-05 10:59:57

Message withdrawn

elliedragon Mon 04-Jul-05 11:04:49

What about those little silver clocks in the shape of something like a motorbike/train?

beetroot Mon 04-Jul-05 11:19:20

Message withdrawn

kama Mon 04-Jul-05 11:33:44

Message withdrawn

beetroot Mon 04-Jul-05 11:34:39

Message withdrawn

kama Mon 04-Jul-05 11:36:24

Message withdrawn

andif Mon 04-Jul-05 12:04:45

I bought my nephew a few shares in a football club!

Have also bought good bottles of whiskey/port that can be laid down, for various people (assuming they don't get drunk by the dads first!)

beetroot Mon 04-Jul-05 12:15:13

Message withdrawn

beetroot Mon 04-Jul-05 12:21:58

Message withdrawn

suzywong Mon 04-Jul-05 12:24:50

what about a crate of retsina to lay down til he's 21

Debbiethemum Mon 04-Jul-05 12:26:48

How about something for when he is grown up such as a beer tankard, hip flask or crystal glasses.
Or a good quality / classic book. Such as Thomas the Tank Engine or the AA Milne books.
Or a picture for their bedroom or if you can do it a friend of our did a beutiful cross stich and got them framed and ds & dd had them for their christenings.

QueenEagle Mon 04-Jul-05 12:26:51

@ beetroot

Sadly it's probably true

beetroot Mon 04-Jul-05 12:28:03

Message withdrawn

flashingnose Mon 04-Jul-05 12:29:02

A fossil.

MamaMaiasaura Mon 04-Jul-05 12:29:10

PMSL @ Beetroot.. oohh i feel naughty but pmsl

<--twats qe with big stick just for being there! xxx

turquoise Mon 04-Jul-05 12:29:18

Premium bonds? Dull but full of potential.

Blu Mon 04-Jul-05 12:29:37

I thihk a first edition book is a lovely idea. I sent a child a really lovely antique silver spoon which had their initial at the top- since they hadn't been born with one in mouth.

Caligula Mon 04-Jul-05 12:30:12

If you could bear to spend £100, you could buy premium bonds? (Give the other £50 to him for Christmas? - I think £100 is the minimum)

beetroot Mon 04-Jul-05 12:31:29

Message withdrawn

MamaMaiasaura Mon 04-Jul-05 12:32:26

yup.. you know i could really do with a good.. debate but i know i will get hunted down and huug/drawn and quartered and even worse might be banned from MN!!

QueenEagle Mon 04-Jul-05 12:32:58

I forsee all thread titles having "the banned one" in them from now on.

Ooooh Awen, go on twat me again!! <<snurk>>

soapbox Mon 04-Jul-05 12:34:40

Premium bonds?

Lottery ticked weekly for a year - you can sign up to do this automatically I think???

TheBannedOne Mon 04-Jul-05 12:35:51

You love it QE.. hmm should i start a dangerous thread..

Gomez Mon 04-Jul-05 12:36:26

Pocket watch?

TheBannedOne Mon 04-Jul-05 12:38:42

flashing nose - the fossil might be the grandparents..

<<--hides from beetroot as now at risk of a severe telling off and possible a twatting on the side

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