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mini boden sizing how does it compare to next ? large/small ?

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lunachic Mon 04-Jul-05 08:03:44

have ordered some items in mini boden sale was going to order a couple more but really need to know if they will fit because i dont want to return too much
dd is 14 months and she fits next size 12-18 months well
ds is 3 in september but is thinner than dd and is only just into 1.5-2 yrs in next- 2-3 yrs is too big for him
so far the things ive ordered are size 2-3 years for ds (suspect it may be too big)
and size 12-18 for dd

help appreciated please


katierocket Mon 04-Jul-05 08:27:13

I've always found mini boden sizes really big. DS is nearly 4 but only just fitting in 3-4 age clothes from there (and he's pretty average size for his age)

spykid Mon 04-Jul-05 08:32:43

I find them quit generous in trousers,I ordr the size they are, eg ds1 is 6 nearly 7, and he has 5-6.(he wears 7 in next )
The tops are generous too but I think that l;loks ok in tops.

Azure Mon 04-Jul-05 08:56:30

They have a size guide somewhere on the website, i.e. will give a height for a size range. For DS (4 in August) the 3-4 tops fit him well now, but won't in 6 month's time. The trousers also fit him well around the waist but are still a little long. The next size up is 5-6, which is quite a leap. Still, I've bought his "Summer 2006" collection (age 5-6) in the sale!

hana Mon 04-Jul-05 17:35:55

I find them on the big side too
my dd is nearly 4 and the size 3-4 fits her nicely now but has been wearing for nearly a year!
I'm just waiting for my order to arrive......!

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