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Kiwi Explorer double buggy - frame snapped!

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Cha Sun 03-Jul-05 17:03:06

Does anyone have one of these - the precursor to the E3? We have had ours for about 2 years and 8 months ago the back seat frame snapped off on one side. We had it welded and it lasted another couple of months before going again. As the eldest was on her bike most of the time, we have just had it as a single but now the main frame has come away too. It is obviously not under guarantee anymore but I think it's really rubbish to break so easily after such a short time. Has anyone else had this happen and what did they do? I bought it from Winkalotts in NZ and had it shipped to the UK (at vast expense), before they were available here, so I don't even have a shop I can visit and rant at.

SoupDragon Sun 03-Jul-05 17:42:02

Rant at the manufacturer instead.

Cha Mon 04-Jul-05 18:15:06

Phil and Ted are going to get a snarky email very soon. Don't know what good it will do tho. Get me the latest model? I don't think so.
Anyone else had this happen or is it just me?

Kaz33 Mon 04-Jul-05 18:35:06

Oh my god so did ours - we got a replacement without any probs, very helpful, they even sent an extra by mistake but we sold our Kiwi and chucked the spare out otherwise you could have had it

I reckon ours broke because when I had only the one of them I used to put shopping in the back seat.

Cha Tue 05-Jul-05 16:27:24

Kaz 33 - I remember you getting one at the same time as ours. When did yours break? Was it within the year warranty or later? I can't imagine they would replace it at 2 years old, though of course a buggy should not fall apart so quickly.

Cha Wed 06-Jul-05 14:50:09


Cha Fri 08-Jul-05 11:40:11

bump. Please??

bluebear Fri 08-Jul-05 23:24:18

The p and t service supplier for this country (UK) is Out and About - I have the number somewhere but you could try googling it. They have sent us spare parts in the past.

Cha Mon 11-Jul-05 23:26:10

Thanks bluebear. Will give it a go.

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