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Dry- clean top - wash it?

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Jbck Sun 03-Jul-05 09:45:11

I bought a lovely top from Debenhams last week & didn't notice it was dry clean till I went to wash it. It's 100% silk but quite highly coloured in fact here it is . It's actually more turquoise & very dark brown.
Question is would you chance handwashing it in cool water? I tried a little tiny corner & it seemed ok but I'm scared I'll ruin it & I really like it. I don't normally buy dry clean in everyday type stuff because I can't be bothered with the hassle or expense to get stuff cleaned, coats & things are a bit different. Anyone got the same top & washed it or know some secrets of the dry-cleaning world, like it's all a big con

WideWebWitch Sun 03-Jul-05 09:46:58

I'd risk hand washing it since the alternative would be that it forever stayed in the washing basket because I wouldn't get round to taking it to the dry cleaners. I can't see why handwashing silk would be a problem, I've handwashed lots of silk in the past.

WideWebWitch Sun 03-Jul-05 09:48:13

some stuff here

lilaclotus Sun 03-Jul-05 09:48:54

i'd handwash it too.

stitch Sun 03-Jul-05 09:50:15

i tend to dry clean things the first time, and then stick them in the delicates cycle of the washing machine thereafter.
depends how much you paid for it really

Jbck Sun 03-Jul-05 19:42:47

Thanks Ladies, I went for it & it looks ok so far. Here's hoping it's not shrunk.

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