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pushchair addicts.. i'coo platon 4 air

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starlover Sat 02-Jul-05 16:54:57

does anyone know of anywhere in the south-east that stocks these?

I have just checked out a fab Mutsy Urban Rider in our local nursery store... but would like to compare with the i'coo

any opinions let me know!

starlover Sat 02-Jul-05 17:12:20


starlover Sat 02-Jul-05 18:12:28


misdee Sat 02-Jul-05 18:12:54

where abouts are you?

starlover Sat 02-Jul-05 18:13:48

sussex... but can travel!

misdee Sat 02-Jul-05 18:14:30

have u tried kiddicare? store is in p'boro.

starlover Sat 02-Jul-05 18:15:08

will have to look on a map! have no idea where it is!

Mamatoto Sat 02-Jul-05 18:18:56

is this it?

starlover Sat 02-Jul-05 18:20:11

yeah that's the one... just want to see it in real life!

misdee Sat 02-Jul-05 18:20:46

you addict. think i isaw one in john lewis lasty week.

Mamatoto Sat 02-Jul-05 18:21:16

I like it but would like one where baby can face you once its out of carrycot- anyone know one?

starlover Sat 02-Jul-05 18:32:16

the seat unit is reversible on it

starlover Sat 02-Jul-05 18:32:33

ooh john lewis... hmm maybe an option

Mamatoto Sat 02-Jul-05 18:53:54

wow Star you have got me going now!

vickiyumyum Sat 02-Jul-05 18:58:00

starlover i have only seen the i'coo three wheeler in mothercare, but that looks lovely as well, worth a look as i'm sure that they are pretty similar?

hunkermunker Sat 02-Jul-05 19:01:59

Mamatoto, the Bebeconfort Loola has a reversible seat and a carrycot carseat pram top you can buy separately (as well as an ordinary rock-a-tot type carseat). You can get it at John Lewis and the Glasgow Pram Centre and Kiddicare (I think).

starlover Sat 02-Jul-05 19:02:05

vickiyumyum... yes also just saw the 3 wheeler on mothercare online.

might go and check it out as they look pretty much identical (aside from number of wheels!)

starlover Sat 02-Jul-05 19:02:41

the mutsy also has reversible seat, carrycot and car seat option

(think the i'coo can have car seat too)

vickiyumyum Sat 02-Jul-05 20:00:00

i like the look of the i'coo in mothercare and if i was to have another child think i would seriously consider it!

starlover Sat 02-Jul-05 20:04:50

this is the mutsy... the other one i am considering.

i think the i'coo has a bigger shopping basket though

vickiyumyum Sat 02-Jul-05 20:11:32

tbh i prefer the i'coo, but the mutsy is kind of nice too, just think that the wheels look big and clumpy on the mutsy's that i have seen out and about in town.

misdee Sat 02-Jul-05 20:13:02

\link{\this one?

misdee Sat 02-Jul-05 20:13:49

this one?

starlover Sat 02-Jul-05 20:14:27

yeah the wheels are quite big and plasticky... kinda like the design better than the i'coo though! the way it's suspended on the one "pole"

that's the one misdee!

misdee Sat 02-Jul-05 20:16:07

that pricey (says me who has the phil and teds e3 )

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