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Hair remover creams: do they still burn you every now and then?

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Caligula Sat 02-Jul-05 10:49:00

I stopped using these creams about 15 years ago, because even though I followed all the instructions and had used them quite happily, every now and then, out of the blue, they would just suddenly cause massive burns for no reason. Do they still do this, or are they more reliable nowadays?

NomDePlume Sat 02-Jul-05 10:54:00

I use Veet on my bikini line, everything but a thin landing strip comes off (sorry if TMI), so I'm using the cream on very sensitive areas and I've had no problems. So long as you use the appropriate one for the job in hand (they do different formulations for different bits of the body), leave it on for the required time but no longer and rinse thoroughly, you should be fine.

Caligula Sat 02-Jul-05 10:59:59

NdP, after the pubic hair threads of the last couple of days, nothing is tmi!

NomDePlume Sat 02-Jul-05 11:00:40


assumedname Sat 02-Jul-05 11:04:04

Caligula - apparently the creams these days are a lot weaker because people did get burnt.

However, they are now too weak to deal with my unwanted hair!

giraffeski Sat 02-Jul-05 11:05:23

Message withdrawn

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