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Boden sale

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pacinofan Fri 01-Jul-05 08:09:02

Anyone know when the Boden sale starts please? I'm sure I read somewhere it starts 01 July, but nothing on their wesbsite today. TIA.

flobbleflobble Fri 01-Jul-05 08:12:07

they normally send an email to tell everyone - I'm not sure when it will be though - been wondering myself!

lunachic Fri 01-Jul-05 08:16:45

wondering when next sale starts too

Pollyanna Fri 01-Jul-05 08:47:02

Next sale starts on 23rd July (according to my last statement).

I thought the Boden sale started today too.

Gillian76 Fri 01-Jul-05 08:50:19

I was wondering the same. Want to buy a swimsuit for my hols but don't want to pay full price and then see it in the sale!

vickiyumyum Fri 01-Jul-05 08:52:20

i know i logged on this morning thinking of all the delightful new clothes i was going to buy for myself to find that the sale hadn't started!!!!
i am on the mailing list so usually get advance warning, if they email me i will post it here to let everyone know! (after i've brought my goodies LOL!)

Enid Fri 01-Jul-05 09:04:42


am on holiday on 28 july

was relying on it starting today

lunachic Fri 01-Jul-05 09:45:30

want some stuff from next and its all on a 1-2 week delay -cant order it as its too near sale but will be miffed if i miss getting it -do you think it will be in sale im not sure if it will be cause it will be new stock ?

cupcakes Fri 01-Jul-05 11:01:46

So, the Boden sale starts tonight. I really wanted to get dd the kittens duvet cover but they've all sold out now. Teach me for waiting till the sale!

How did you find out that today was the day??

Gillian76 Fri 01-Jul-05 11:37:04

something must be happening today - you can't access the sale pages!

tamum Fri 01-Jul-05 11:39:12

Starts at midnight tonight according to my reliable informant MI

Enid Fri 01-Jul-05 11:40:18

god I am going to stay up for it

dont all hate me

cupcakes Fri 01-Jul-05 11:40:53

I'm getting rather excitable. Itchy keyboard fingers and all that.
God, that's so sad!

cupcakes Fri 01-Jul-05 11:41:18

And I've made a list!

Enid Fri 01-Jul-05 11:42:03

i made a list about 2 weeks ago

and I have prioritised it

tamum Fri 01-Jul-05 11:42:30

Is it in Excel, Enid?

cupcakes Fri 01-Jul-05 11:46:13

so what is your approach if something is low stock? Buy it straight away or add to your basket whilst you get other items and risk it selling out?

Enid Fri 01-Jul-05 11:46:48

buy straight away

have been caught out too often

fishfinger Fri 01-Jul-05 11:46:52

its happened to me that I lost it whilst it sat in my basket

make sure they have your card details and adress today imo

Enid Fri 01-Jul-05 11:47:12

also make sure you get My Sizes switched on and ready

fishfinger Fri 01-Jul-05 11:47:30

snort att his ffs
theya re clothes

fishfinger Fri 01-Jul-05 11:47:52

there sno hope ffor me

am going to chat to builder.

Enid Fri 01-Jul-05 11:48:10

if i could find jersey pedalpushers for the dds anywhere else believe me i would beat a path to their door

fishfinger Fri 01-Jul-05 11:48:24

enid I think I do hate you

fishfinger Fri 01-Jul-05 11:49:38

pedal pushers s triple snort

npneo fo the womens wear fits or suits me
think oyu have to be tall and ethereal
not short and troll like

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