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Is there a push along walker that can be slowed down???

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nobodysfool Sun 03-Jan-10 15:13:29

Ds has just turned a year and loves his push along walker.this one
The problem is we have wooden fllors that the wheels just zoom along.
Has anybody found a walker that is harder to push along or has gears?

Metatron Sun 03-Jan-10 15:25:29

we have a galt brick trolley that has chunky rubber wheels, much harder to push fast.

nobodysfool Sun 03-Jan-10 15:29:01

Thanks Metatron we also have a wooden one that has rubber grips round the wheels but i still runs away from him.

PacificDogwood Sun 03-Jan-10 15:29:20

The IKEA metal bin in DH's home office if perfect for this wink!

As far as "real" walkers/trolleys go, we have a multitude of them (3 DSs), and they are all rubbish for a young toddler who is still learning to walk, but good fun once they can walk, IYKWIM.

I hope somebody will come along with a more constructive suggestion for you.

nobodysfool Sun 03-Jan-10 15:35:20

PacDog-Ikea it is then wink

addictedtolatte Sun 03-Jan-10 15:37:52

same as pacific my ds pushes our bin alongsmile he also has a shopping trolly which is a lot more supportive.

PacificDogwood Sun 03-Jan-10 15:38:50


Bin is nice and slow on wooden floors, still slides on carpets as as smooth bottom, is not heavy and -crucially- does not tip.


PacificDogwood Sun 03-Jan-10 15:39:21

Oh, and it can be filled with things, wow!

moosemama Sun 03-Jan-10 15:42:17

Brio wooden push along walkers have adjustable friction/brakes so you can control how fast the wheels go. There are some listed here but the most recent one is green and white and has a sliding lid.


addictedtolatte Sun 03-Jan-10 15:44:43

pacific you will have to go on dragens den smile you have a good selling techniquegrin

PacificDogwood Sun 03-Jan-10 15:48:25


But no business bone in my body...

That Brio one looks good, moosemama. Can I justify another pushalong toy as DS4 is due soon?

nobodysfool Sun 03-Jan-10 15:54:19

Brio one looks good thanks....though still thinking of the bin idea...grin

ocki Tue 29-Jun-10 20:39:56

Pacific, exactly which bin at ikea do you mean?
Just so that I get the right one!

Thanks for the tip!!

Carameli Wed 30-Jun-10 21:51:32

I have also got the vtech one. I also have wooden floors so understand what you mean. My ds2 made great friends with my Henry hoover so I like the bin idea

I tried everything to slow down the vtech but nothing worked.

all4aldo Fri 03-Nov-17 11:46:08

The best baby push walker needs to have the following features:
- It has to be stable
- It has to be heavy, in fact (the heavier the better)
- Wheel resistance to meet the different kinds of floors

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