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Who is your broadband provider?

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tamula Thu 30-Jun-05 15:59:30

... so sick of the teething swine that is BT.

I have rung them and written letters to cancel by broadband service and they seem to be refusing Got yet another bill in today from them.

I was having problems with my phone line so rung on their automated service and organised an engineer to pop by, he was there in half an hour, I was well pleased, I asked him how much it would cost and he said £45/60 it was only a loose wire in the box on the wall and took less than 5 mins, next thing I know I get a bill for £135 No wonder they show up so promptly.

Its disgusting I was so angry i have paid it but have now moved my line rental to another provider, my landline was already with someone else and I'm just unsure on what broadband provider to use. I'd like a reliable and cheap service 1Mbps will suffice.

Any recommendations?

Feffi Thu 30-Jun-05 16:01:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starlover Thu 30-Jun-05 16:02:50


Ameriscot2005 Thu 30-Jun-05 16:05:31

NTL 3Mb service - we are happy with them. Never had a problem, so never had to tackle their infamous customer service dept.

lunachic Thu 30-Jun-05 16:10:01

i had a bad time with tiscali -my mum first paid the bill with her cc-then we changed it and we paid-when the expiry date on our card went they reverted back to taking from my mums card(without asking anyone) she was livid as she didnt use this card anymore and was charged for the paayments (i was astonished they had kept the details on file for so long)
anyway when i rang them the girl i spoke to was absolutely rude and horrible wouldnt help in the slightest and wouldnt put me through to anyone else who would help
i resorted to ringing a local radio programme that deals with consumer issues and they sorted it for us (ill never forget the accute embarrasment of being on the radio talking like a zombie- cause it was the first night out of hospital with my newborn ds !)

we now use zen internet who are excellent (i hate bt too) ntl do good packages if you can get cable (we cant)

jessicasmummy Thu 30-Jun-05 16:10:35

shitty wannadoo - switching in august

expatinscotland Thu 30-Jun-05 16:15:57


expatinscotland Thu 30-Jun-05 16:16:41

Have been with Telewest for 2 years and don't have a single complaint.

tamula Thu 30-Jun-05 16:40:46

Thanks all

purpleturtle Thu 30-Jun-05 16:44:00

Another vote for Telewest, whose support-line is great too.

giraffeski Thu 30-Jun-05 16:44:44

Message withdrawn

cushion Thu 30-Jun-05 16:58:00

demon are pretty good (who i use) and bulldog i've heard are reasonable.

Dahlia Thu 30-Jun-05 16:58:50

ntl are horrendous. don't go there under any circumstances.

Prettybird Thu 30-Jun-05 17:16:34

Good to hear someone recommending Demon - not that we have them at home (dh deals with that and we're with tiscali - not that he is happy with them at the moment) - but I have a professional interest in them.

lilaclotus Thu 30-Jun-05 17:20:29

i'm with ntl. they've been ok. installation was a nightmare.

SelfIndulgentVerySmugStrugstu Thu 30-Jun-05 17:24:59

ntl supply good, but continual problems with billing. they are always billing me for something i havent had. my dp on bulldog - no problems whatsoever.

tamula Thu 30-Jun-05 19:43:34

Cheers all

MrsGordonRamsay Thu 30-Jun-05 19:45:52


Only problem is the connection drops more times than a whores knickers. But fast when it is up.

tamula Thu 30-Jun-05 19:52:10

BT - been there done that i find the service fine, never ever dropped connection. I simply hate BT

juicychops Thu 30-Jun-05 20:06:06


juicychops Thu 30-Jun-05 20:06:09


juicychops Thu 30-Jun-05 20:06:09


juicychops Thu 30-Jun-05 20:06:09


Janh Thu 30-Jun-05 20:31:07

What is going on with this thread?????

(AOL btw - no probs )

Janh Thu 30-Jun-05 20:32:09

It seems to start in the middle and go up and down at the same time!

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