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Tomy Discovery Forget Me Not Photo Album help!!!

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hamstring Sat 02-Jan-10 12:16:32

can anyone help me? I bought this for baby for xmas, have put new batteries in but can't seem to record any messages . we dont seem to have any instructions and although it makes a sound when opened , the buttons do nothing.Any ideas much appreciated.

Macdog Sat 02-Jan-10 17:41:07

Downloadable instructions PDF here

hamstring Sat 02-Jan-10 21:05:56

thankyou so much for relying. it works

hamstring Sat 02-Jan-10 21:06:34


Macdog Sun 03-Jan-10 00:23:30


naziakhansubs Mon 13-Apr-15 13:51:09

Hi, its been long time you had this issue but i got this toy from a charity shop but got no clue how to record.
Please help.

Charlol2007 Wed 05-Aug-15 12:14:02

hi naziakhansubs
go to this link

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