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Are gazebo's all a bit samey - or have you got a really good one?

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handlemecarefully Wed 29-Jun-05 23:15:26

I need to buy a gazebo, are they just much of a muchness or do you have a really good one you can recommend?

sallystrawberry Wed 29-Jun-05 23:18:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

handlemecarefully Wed 29-Jun-05 23:21:17

That is quite nice thanks - are sides a good thing to have? (I'm a complete gazebo virgin, my sun conscious friend despairs of me)

handlemecarefully Wed 29-Jun-05 23:22:13

Infact it was her who instructed me to get one

Nemo1977 Wed 29-Jun-05 23:22:54

you can get some nice ones on ebay at bargain prices...unfortunately i need a small patio one which is much of a muchness

RTKangaMummy Wed 29-Jun-05 23:22:59

we have one with sides that can be on or off and are DEFFO BRILL

jessicasmummy Wed 29-Jun-05 23:25:06

the link one is the one i was going to reccommend - my bro and sil just bought it for their new house, and it is lush... a bit darker than the pic tho.

sallystrawberry Wed 29-Jun-05 23:25:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

handlemecarefully Wed 29-Jun-05 23:26:27

Right - with 2 recommendations I'll get that one then. Cheers!

RTKangaMummy Wed 29-Jun-05 23:29:44

TIP: Tie something to the guy ropes so children don't fall over them

If not have posh do --- use plastic bags and tie them round the strings

If having posh function then use something beutiful

sallystrawberry Wed 29-Jun-05 23:29:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RTKangaMummy Wed 29-Jun-05 23:33:27

snap timings SS

handlemecarefully Wed 29-Jun-05 23:34:57

Oooh aren't you both clever with your synchronised postings!

Not really a posh do Kangamum;my soon to be 3 years old dd's birthday party.

sallystrawberry Wed 29-Jun-05 23:35:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RTKangaMummy Wed 29-Jun-05 23:39:21

Deffo SS

Then DEFFO tie plastic bags unopened around the guy ropes to make them look like "bow ties" then the children won't trip over them

Use several at differnt heights cos adults need help too

giraffeski Wed 29-Jun-05 23:48:06

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy Thu 30-Jun-05 01:58:31

zebraZ Thu 30-Jun-05 07:13:17

If you want it to stay up in the wind you need to get one of the really really sturdy ones, with ladder-sides and costing at least £100 each. Gazebos have a very high propensity to blow away and bend and bow -- we returned one to Woolworths after 10 days because it had so much metal fatigue.

Blackduck Thu 30-Jun-05 07:16:59

Check how it goes up - you don't want to be faffing with pole A goes into pole B and all that ... get one that is like a giant umbrella - B&Q do one (about £50) - has two side panels - takes two to get it up, but I got it down on my own....very sturdy...

Whizzz Thu 30-Jun-05 19:38:29

Neighbours had one of the umbrella type pop up ones but it got damaged by the wind & one strut bent.
We have 3x3m one with sides from B&Q. Bit fiddly to get the poles up at first - but we leave the poles up over summer & just put the covers on when we want them ! I lurve my gazebo !

handlemecarefully Thu 30-Jun-05 22:43:49

I don't like the sound of my gazebo bending and bowing. Perhaps I should get an expensive one like Zebra suggests.....

Skribble Fri 01-Jul-05 02:11:46

I have a cheap pop up one, It hasn't really survived last summer, our garden is very windy so I don't really bother, I had it for my stall.

It can be worth spending a bit more if you intend to use it a lot, if its a one of for a party then go cheap.

You get ones with extra cross bars, but if you don't know much about gazeboos you won't know what to look for I suppose.

MIL had a gazeboo up all last summer attached to the back of the house, I think I will have to get a wooden summer house.

Blackduck Fri 01-Jul-05 06:47:33

The ladderside one is like the one B&Q do - have to say ours stood up to a fair amount of wind, but don't think any of them would survive a force nine gale . we put ours down if it its too windy, but then it takes no time at all to get it back up again...

fee77 Fri 01-Jul-05 07:29:16

I got a pop up one from wilkinsons - it is really sturdy ,easy to get up (with 2) and we have just left it up. They were £50 but they have 25% off at the mo. It doesn't have sides, but doesn't have ropes either, and comes in a bag with wheels.

Jbck Fri 01-Jul-05 18:39:39

Don't know how great they will be but Homebase has 50% off all gazebos this weekend. I'm going for a nosey tomorrow.

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