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Really RUBBISH service from Tchibo

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Marina Wed 29-Jun-05 09:59:12

Does anyone have a direct line to their Customer Services Department that means I don't have to go through their usual 08701 number?
Despite my having a printed and online copy of a correctly addressed order confirmation they have tried to deliver a big order to a totally wrong address. Their fault, and my card has been debited, but I have to wait for them to send me a letter so I can make a claim for non-receipt of goods. Apparently. Oh I am NOT impressed with this

franke Wed 29-Jun-05 10:09:42

I don't know if this helps
It's a site that will find you proper landline numbers if they exist.

Marina Wed 29-Jun-05 10:26:02

Franke, that is terrific.

They have until lunchtime to continue to ignore my initially very civil e-mails and then I am going in for the kill.

Thank you so much. I have bookmarked that link!

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