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double buggy or buggy board?

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AnnaK Sun 26-Jun-05 21:01:34

Ds will be 2 when No 2 arrives. What do you suggest as the best method for getting them around? I know quite a few under twos who refuse to sit in pushchairs and the difference in outlay is considerable!

vickiyumyum Sun 26-Jun-05 21:05:53

i would say it depends on how much your ds walks at the moment, if he already walks a lot then you probably will be ok with a buggy board, you can get those one that they sit on! but if he still wants to be in his buggy all the time then you will need a double.
i would be inclined t buy a cheap or second hand double buggy and a buggy board to go on a single pushchair, as you never can tell with these little ones.
i have a few freinds who thought hat they would be ok with their 2 year olds on buggy boards and ended up buying cheap double buggies after a couple of months!

gigglinggoblin Sun 26-Jun-05 21:07:33

have never tried buggy boards but did fancy one.

side by side double buggy was horrid - cant get through doorways, including many shop doorways.

double buggy where one sits in front of other was better, but ds1 was heavy lump and biggest has to go infront so teeny one can lie flat. couldnt get it up kerbs after a while!

best solution i found was single buggy and baby sling, followed by back carrier if ds is not walking around by time baby is too big for sling. he should be able to walk fairly respectable distance by then tho, and baby reins are all you need for him. baby can go in either carrier or buggy


loobywoof Sun 26-Jun-05 21:09:14

I've just had this problem also. My DS was 2 years 4 months when DD was born. At that age he still needed a pushchair but not for small trips and I knew he wouldn't need it for long. I hated the thought of shelling out over £100 for something getting so little use but couldn't face not getting one IYKWIM. So I compromised and bought a second hand one.( Got it from another mum at playgroup) I'm really pleased I did because the times I have used it it has been invaluable but DD is only 3 months now and we haven't used it at all in last couple of weeks and intend to sell it on eventually. It cost me about the same as a Buggy board BTW

kid Sun 26-Jun-05 21:09:47

I think you might be better off with a double buggy at the moment, especially if your DS still has afternoon naps. How about a seat 2 go so he can rest his legs if he needs to?

I bought a cheap double buggy off Ebay for around £40.

KBear Sun 26-Jun-05 21:10:27

My DD was 2.5 when DS was born. I got a mothercare Phoenix Tandem in half price sale (£60) and used it all the time as DD was a snoozer and liked to sit on. Nothing worse than a tired fractious 2 year old that wants to sit down IMO.

I suppose it depends on your life - are you out alot? I was always out at toddler groups, shopping, walking to the park etc etc. If you drive more you might not need one but I didn't use the car much so it was a godsend.

Distracted Sun 26-Jun-05 21:47:04

It also depends how far you walk with your pushchair.

My dd was 2.5 when my ds was born and I bought a buggy board. However, it is really hard work pushing the pushchair with it on as you can't 'stride out'. It's fine for just wandering around town. However, we live about a mile from town, which I used to regularly walk with the pushchair, but there's no way I'd attempt it with the buggy board (have to always go by car now).

By the way it was a universal buggy board we bought, as it had to fit 2 v. different pushchairs - a 3 wheeler and a maclaren stroller. To get it to fit both, it's really too far back from the pushchair on the stroller and it's an aboslute nightmare therefore to use it on the stroller. I hate the thing

geogteach Sun 26-Jun-05 21:50:56

DS1 was 2 yrs 2 months when DD was born, hasn't been in a buggy since, just used buggy board, DD was much younger when DS2 was born so bought E3 and she still sits in it so i'd say wait and see, they are all different and you can get by with a sling for the first few weeks while you make up your mind

myermay Sun 26-Jun-05 21:51:28

Message withdrawn

mummytummy Sun 26-Jun-05 22:24:28

I've recently sold my double buggy now that DD1 has turned 3. I regretted this when I was shopping in a hurry round Bluewater and she decided to go round the whole way as a dog, on all fours!! I had enough that day and went into Mothercare asking for a buggy board, but they said that they won't sell them because they don't believe they are safe. She couldn't elaborate on this, but I didn't buy one because it would have taken hours to get to John Lewis with DD2-dog in tow!!!! Has anyone else been told they're not safe? If so, why is that?

kid Mon 27-Jun-05 10:37:17

I've been told it can damage the buggy and therefore the buggy's guarantee becomes void if a buggy board is attached.

clary Mon 27-Jun-05 11:09:37

I'm with gigglingoblin and geogteach, use a sling at first and then graduate to a buggy borad if it works for you.
My gaps are 2yrs and 22 months and we never had a double thank goodness.
Some people don't like b/boards but I always got on fine with it.
Never heard it described as unsafe (or had any safety issues) and it certanly didn't damage our buggies.
If you do buy a double, agree with others here, don't shell out loads for it. Why not try and borrow one or borrow a b/board to try out?

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