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cheap lawnmover (under 100 if possible)

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misdee Sun 26-Jun-05 14:05:00

must have grass collection box and metal blade. personal recommendations appricated. have eben browsing about and there are a few i'ver seen but dont know if any good.

sourcream Sun 26-Jun-05 14:17:50

any good?

misdee Sun 26-Jun-05 16:36:30

dont need strimmer or hedgetrimmer. thank you anyway.

jessicasmummy Sun 26-Jun-05 16:37:57


THis is the one we got - and our garden is HUGE!

lou33 Sun 26-Jun-05 16:38:45

we have one for sale misdee

misdee Sun 26-Jun-05 16:39:24

jessicas mummy is it any good?

jessicasmummy Sun 26-Jun-05 16:40:51

it is actually.... cuts really easily and grass is SHORT afterwards so jess can play out. DH does the grass, but he loves it, and even now tries to cut the grass every other week!!

lou33 Sun 26-Jun-05 16:41:43

it's a black and decker, not a hover, but has 4 wheels which all turn independently, so it's pretty easy to manoeuvre. Electric one, we had to buy a petrol one for this garden, as it is bigger than our old one.

misdee Sun 26-Jun-05 16:42:05

cheers. have a little hover thing atm and keep snapping the blades as they are plastic, and my garden isnt level so they snag all the time. driving me mad.

will order that one.

misdee Sun 26-Jun-05 16:43:05

lou33, thanks for the offer but with my tendancies to break things or have them go bang on me i'd rather get a new one with guarentee. seeing as i have to do the lawn i best go buy it.

jessicasmummy Sun 26-Jun-05 16:43:23

glad to have helped x

lou33 Sun 26-Jun-05 16:44:01

okie doke, we could probably have delivered it to you as well, as dh wants to go to hatfield in the next couple fo weeks

let me know if you change your mind

misdee Sun 26-Jun-05 16:45:24

wqhy d9oes he want to go to hatfield? is he mad?!!

lou33 Sun 26-Jun-05 16:50:29

galleria, stock up on summer clothes

sparklymieow Sun 26-Jun-05 17:30:03

lou, love the galleria too

lou33 Sun 26-Jun-05 17:31:11

we live closer to the one in portsmouth now, but it was rubbish when we went the other day, so a drive to hatfield it is..

misdee Sun 26-Jun-05 17:37:46

persoanlly i hate the galleria. but thats becaused i used to live so close to it.

lou33 Sun 26-Jun-05 20:14:39

we didn't live so far away from it, but it's a bit of a hike now.

better bargains than the one in portsmouth i hope, unless it too has changed

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