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Cheap ink cratridges online

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nutcracker Sun 26-Jun-05 11:33:59

I need to get new ink cartridges for a Lexmark printer.

Anyone know of any sites that are cheap ????

Janh Sun 26-Jun-05 11:35:22

Nowhere is very cheap but I got some from somewhere a while back (have new printer now), hang on a tick.

Janh Sun 26-Jun-05 11:36:19

What model is it, nutty?

WigWamBam Sun 26-Jun-05 11:36:38 aren't bad.

nutcracker Sun 26-Jun-05 11:36:49

Erm hang on will look.

nutcracker Sun 26-Jun-05 11:37:20

Lexmark Z605

Janh Sun 26-Jun-05 11:37:26

I have a black one labelled InkAgain you can have for a fiver if it's the right one!

Janh Sun 26-Jun-05 11:38:11

Oh, this one says Z13/23/33 but ours wasn't any of those [baffled]

Anyway will find my websites now.

Janh Sun 26-Jun-05 11:38:56


nutcracker Sun 26-Jun-05 11:39:15

Thanks wwb. Can't see any for a Z605 though.

Janh Sun 26-Jun-05 11:42:06


Janh Sun 26-Jun-05 11:43:44

nutcracker Sun 26-Jun-05 11:44:39

Oh they are great thanks, quite a bit cheaper than i'd seen in the shops too.

AuntyQuated Sun 26-Jun-05 11:45:18

wow...inkraiders; they are cheap

have you tried them jan?
we have a canon i560...7 quid for a canon replacement 99p for inkraider!!
how about photos?


Janh Sun 26-Jun-05 11:45:22

eurojet - they seem to need your empty one to do a refill though???

Janh Sun 26-Jun-05 11:46:56

I can't remember who I got ours from in the end, AQ, so I can't vouch for inkraider, but they've been around quite a while.

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