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Fun knee patches?

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Mo2 Thu 05-Jun-03 17:26:20

DS1 (3.5) has just come home from nursery having split the knee on his jeans. It's about the 3rd pair he's done in the last 2 weeks (I just think they're VERY rough & tumble in the playground, and almost slide along the gravel!).

None of his trousers are particularly old, and I just wondered if anyone was aware of any funky sew/iron patches for kids trousers to give them a bit more life??

soyabean Thu 05-Jun-03 21:50:58

I have looked for these too but with no success. I ended up using scraps of material with designs like animals or flowers, depending on the child, and just sewing them on. Makes me sound like an eart mother but really just stingy, cant bear to waste a pair of otherwise OK trousers.

meanmum Thu 05-Jun-03 21:53:06

I haven't looked for these but what about iron on transfers that you can put onto some material and then sew on. Would Argos do something like this. I would have thought John Lewis might have something like this but don't know what their website is like. Sorry, not helping much but I'll keep my eye out for sure.

soyabean Thu 05-Jun-03 21:54:17

John Lewis in Oxford St has a really reduced haberdashery section now and nothing like this as far as I could see.

bettys Thu 05-Jun-03 23:22:41

5{ football iron-on patches in my local haberdashers shop. It's worth tracking these shops down as they have loads of useful little bits like that. However they needed sewing on as well as the sticky seemed to wear off after a couple of washes.

bettys Thu 05-Jun-03 23:24:07

Ooops that meant to say 'I found football patches..'

meanmum Thu 05-Jun-03 23:27:42

Are any of you in London. How about some of the haberdashery shops in Soho. There are some great material shops and beautiful button shops etc so there must be something. I know I'm not being much help but I found some great material in a couple of stores on Berwick Street. I don't think they will sell patches but they may know where you can get some. Or, ring John Lewis and ask if they know where you could get some. How about Liberty as well, their buyers may know.

Mo2 Fri 06-Jun-03 09:49:56

I had a good search on the web and found some FAB spiderman ones which would elevate all split jeans to 'best' status in 3 yr old's eyes, but they're all in the US and I don't really want to pay $22 postage... (could buy new trousers!)

Think I'll trawl the local market/heberdashery shop tomorrow....
Watch this space.....

LIZS Fri 06-Jun-03 10:55:33

IME the iron on patches don't stay on long, especially on areas which flex a lot like knees - sew them as well!

mmm Fri 06-Jun-03 20:03:33

25 years ago Melody Maker and the New Musical Express had lots of patches in the small ads section - I wonder if they still do?

soyabean Fri 06-Jun-03 20:50:52

Yeah, remember those. Everyones schoolbags were covered in them. Think I may have seen similar in ds's Kerrang! now that you mention it, but I dont think theyd be suitable for nursery age!

cbear73 Fri 13-Feb-09 21:49:35

I've also been scouting around for knee patches (that don't cost as much as a new pair of trousers..) - so many of them are so old fashioned and naf! Have found the best selection on ebay, check out various craft sellers sites, the ones I bought were from 'The Marrow Patch' - they had a fairly ok selection.

1gorgeousson Mon 12-Jul-10 12:05:50

Have you tried hobbycraft or ebay? Also reebeebaby has some sew on ones.

I don't like iron on patches only because they always fall off after a time, best sew them on too. Hand stitching will be fine.

I love customising my son's clothes!

Seona1973 Mon 12-Jul-10 15:05:16

easy2name do sew on patches - there is a 10% mumsnet discount too.

wahwahwah Mon 12-Jul-10 15:10:25

There's a kid on our park who obviously tears his knees a lot. He has patches sewn on which are like the ones you buy abroad and put on your rucksack. From what I can see, they are pretty tough!

carls35 Fri 27-Aug-10 19:39:34

I came across great patches in Canada at You just stick them on. Used one to cover a hole in a suitcase and it was still there when the bag came off the plane!

Scabbee Tue 31-Aug-10 01:25:41

I had the exact same problem as you-two boys,twice the damage- so I created Scabs. Scabs are fun fabric sticker patches. No ironing or sewing is required.

Check out((

My kids and I both love Scabs!! (smile)

wifiesue Fri 18-May-12 09:54:09

I have just patched a 3 year olds jeans the hard way. Trying it get inside a little jean leg with a sewing machine is a challenge.
Couldn't find good stick on spiderman patches so used a bit of old denim and embroidered a spiders web on top with white embroidery thread.(after sewing on the patch that was zigzagged to death)
It looks great
OK it took a little time ,but pass the task on to a granny .

Vintagepatch Thu 28-Feb-13 17:28:06

I know this is an old thread, but in case anyone is still looking for funky knee (and elbow) patches for kids, we make them, and have some really fun designs. I don't want to post a link here for fear of spamming, but if you are interested, just send me a message and I can point you in the right direction smile

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