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camcorders which is better?

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TwoIfBySea Fri 24-Jun-05 23:37:31

We do have a Sony, old style which chews tapes, not so good for the job its meant to do. I have been looking for a new one but DH wants one of those DVD ones rather than one that uses tapes.

So, my question and hoping someone answers is are they worth the money? It will stretch the budget but if it is a lot better than tape camcorders then so be it. I had thought of using an ordinary camcorder and putting it onto DVD through the computer but have heard the quality isn't good if that is done - anyone know if that is true?


Jbck Sun 26-Jun-05 22:37:22

We put video from our camcorder onto DVD & it's fantastic. Must admit I'd like a DVD one too purely for the size & convenience. We've got a really hi-spec Sony one we bought 6 years ago for going to the States for a wedding, but hardly use it now which is a shame. Loads of DD's first 2 years on it but you tail off & it's so much quicker with the digital camera for video clips. Once I saw the quality though of the video to DVD I said I'd use it more when at home 'cos I was pratically Steven Spielberg with it

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