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Svan versus Tripp Trapp

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Spoo Fri 24-Jun-05 14:02:41

Does anyone have a Svan or Tripp Trapp highchair? Please can you tell me whether you recommend either of them and why. We prefer the look of the Tripp Trapp but it doesn't come with a tray and we have a round table. Still unsure as it is a lot of money to part with.

tab Fri 24-Jun-05 15:44:49

Hi, we have a tripp trapp. We didnt buy it straight away as I was put off by lack of tray table and ended up buying an expensive mamas and papas one with what seemed like all the mod cons - it has a big tray table, went up and down, had wheels (although) they didnt swivel. But it was cumbersome and really not worth the £100+ we spent. In the end I dont think the tray table is a big issue. The fact that it goes up or down is a waste of money as you only ever have it in one position. The wheels were a waste of time too as they didnt swivel and in any case we usually kept it in the same room. The fact that the seat was plastic (I thought that will be easy to clean) was a nightmare as all the food got stuck in the creases) so all in all I would definitely choose tripp trapp.
It was only later on that I saw various friends had tripp trapp chairs, so we got one and it's been brilliant. Ive actually never used it with the high chair adapter but ds1 has used it for over a year and it's brilliant- he loves it and I know that he'll be able to use it for ever. We're thinking of buying another one now for ds2.
Sorry if this is a bit long but hope it helps.
I think they look really nice as well. Sorry Ive just realised that this doesnt answer your question about Svan chairs (which I've never heard of nor seen).

hana Fri 24-Jun-05 16:25:58

havne't heard of a sven chair but we ahve a tripp trap for our daughter who is nearly 4 and plan to get another for her baby sister when she is ready!
we too had a round table (have rectangle now) and it wasn't a prob. Love the fact that there isn't a tray and is v easy to clean and that they are at the table with you and you can lower/raise the seat and foot bit as they get taller. I highly reccomend the tripp trap I only wish they went on sale sometimes! The baby does have to be sitting up unaided though and I wouldn;t bother with the baby cushion, just fold up a towel instead.
go for it
and searh for other tripp trapp threards!

hana Fri 24-Jun-05 16:26:33

sticky keyboard sorry lots of typos

Spoo Mon 27-Jun-05 20:56:04

THanks for the advice. We have been to Mothercare to look at the Svan and it looks really good - although we haven't seen the Tripp Trapp in real life. Just wondered if anyone can recommend or not the Svan?

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