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Buggy/Stroller for use on the tube?

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Blondeinlondon Thu 23-Jun-05 18:44:26

I already have a Maclaren Techno but I'm tempted to get a lighter buggy for use on the tube and holidays. (I already use the techno on the tube but the stairs are becoming a pain)

Any recommendations? I've looked at the Maclaren Triumph and the Quest and both seem okay.
What else is there?


alittlebitshy Thu 23-Jun-05 19:07:25

i've just bought the triumph for that reason. using it on tube on sat, so that will be the test!! we went for that over the quest cos it has the carry strap and it that bit lighter. the one thing i don't esp like is that the most upright position of the 2 is not particulary upright but a si said it's only for tube etc, so....

bran Thu 23-Jun-05 19:43:13

I've used my Maclaren Volo on the tube with ds, he is only 9kg so the whole thing is light enough to pick up and carry up and down stairs with him in it (I think the Volo is less than 5kg). It also has a carry strap so that I can carry ds and have the buggy over my shoulder. Only one seat position and I don't like ds to be in it for too long, although he doesn't complain or whinge. I've also folded and unfolded it with ds asleep in one arm.

Blondeinlondon Fri 24-Jun-05 17:20:28


patch Sat 25-Jun-05 18:39:57

I had a Graco cityscape, the biggest waste of money, bits kept going wrong with it - admittedly this was 4 years ago so they could have improved - but what I found brilliant and used for 18 months daily commuting into London from Essex was a very basic buggy. It had no swivel wheels, no basket (bought a £1 stroller bag for it) and the recline was seat back either attached to front or rear metal upright of frame. It also folded flat, and to practically nothing. It was pretty light, I paid about £10 new for it and nothing ever went wrong - nothing really could go wrong with it. I made a shoulder strap for it, a length of strapping through some pipe insullation/tubing (to pad it) and then tied at the top and bottom of the buggy.

I started using it when dd was 10 months old, and thought it wouldn't last long with bumbing up and down stairs etc but at less than £15 in total did not care. But it lasted and was the only one I would use on the train, even I could sit in it it was that sturdy, and I've kept it as we are tcc.

My suggestion would be look try and test, as rough as you can in the shop, and make sure the warrenty covers a loan if broken it you are going to use it regularly. For holidays we also had/have an umbrella fold that lies totally flat so dd could sleep in it and you can get buggy bags for umbrella fold buggies for taking on aeroplanes.

Ladymuck Sat 25-Jun-05 18:41:50

I have a Techno and have gone for a Volo for travel/light use etc.

franch Sat 25-Jun-05 20:05:13

Maclaren Volo definitely

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