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Suncream ........not sure if I got the right one

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nutcracker Thu 23-Jun-05 13:29:59

Have just stood for about 20 minutes in Boots trying to decided which suncream to get the kids.

They had some factor 50 but it wasn't a kids one as such and I wasn't sure if it had to be, so i got the factor 30 kids one instead.

Am thinking now though that maybe I should have got the other one.

What is the difference between kids ones and non kids ones ??

SaintGeorge Thu 23-Jun-05 13:54:52

Pretty packaging and sometimes colour to help you see where you are putting it. Other than that probably nothing.

nutcracker Thu 23-Jun-05 14:19:28

Oh well nevermind, will know for next time.

stitch Thu 23-Jun-05 14:20:34

when i use the factor 60 kids one i have, it makes me all hot and sweaty. but the 30 doesnt
which is better to use?

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