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dolls pushchair

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Carameli Thu 23-Jun-05 11:43:02

I want to get my dd a little pushchair to take on walks and for her to play with in the garden etc as she still loves pushing her vtech walker ubt now she is nearly 2 I wanted to get her something she could use with her other toys as well.
I was going to get one in elc for £5 but they are out of stock, but argos also have one for £5. Which is great.

But then typically, looking through I saw in the sale section a M&P mpx II 3 in 1 system with car seat etc, cannot believe they do these for dolls:-)
This is £9.99, half price sale. Which seems great but is is really going to make a difference to my dd(nearly 2) Is she going to be bothered enough with the car seat or not.

It seems lovely but I don't know if I would be buying it because I think she'd play with it or because I think its cute.

Can anyone give me some advice????

GhostofNatt Thu 23-Jun-05 11:54:07

My experience is that the very simple stroller one is about what they want - can strap any old doll or toy in and off you go. I'm sure I'd want the fancy car seat one too but also pretty sure that my three yearold (boy!) wouldn't care!

Carameli Thu 23-Jun-05 12:07:35

yeah thats what i thought might be the case really. I think I will go with the £5 lightweight stroller as I probably end up carrying it when she gets tired.

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