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Anyone got the Jools Oliver book?

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TracyK Thu 23-Jun-05 09:09:53


basketcase Thu 23-Jun-05 09:12:37

ooh - I was wondering about that book too? flicked through it and thought it looked like someone trying to write what she thought people wanted to read and was pc in the present climate, not sure about the honesty and integrity in it?
Love to be proven wrong though and have a good read if it is worth it? I will be watching this thread

TracyK Thu 23-Jun-05 09:14:01

I'm sure its one of those books that will end up in bargain books in a month or so - I'll buy it then. I heard her on Radio 2 and she did sound quite passionate/sincere about it.

suzywong Thu 23-Jun-05 09:16:11

what is it about?

TracyK Thu 23-Jun-05 09:22:44

I think she wrote it during her pregnancies - so its sposed to be a down to earth approach to everything you never get to hear about before you are pg. (Bit late for me) - but she also has her own recipes that she makes for her kids and bits of goss about her and Jamie.

ninah Thu 23-Jun-05 09:25:03

It was serialised in one of the Sundays.
Nice pics. Can't remember a word of what she wrote, sorry.

ninah Thu 23-Jun-05 09:25:45

oh yes, there was something about Jamie biking his sperm into a clinic

gigglinggoblin Thu 23-Jun-05 09:27:34

lots of very good reviews on amazon. looks quite good, but must get through current book before harry potter comes out!!! might try it after that tho

Tommy Thu 23-Jun-05 09:29:18

got a poor review in the Gardian I seem to remember

saadia Thu 23-Jun-05 10:18:15

There was an extract in Hello! which wasn't very impressive, a sentence went: "Alone and on my own..." which I thought could have done with some editing.

expatinscotland Thu 23-Jun-05 10:19:44

I'd like to read it, but only if I could check it out from a library for free.

marthamoo Thu 23-Jun-05 10:27:23

I flicked through it in Ottakar's and it struck me as a bit...well...drippy. That was very much a snap judgement though.

snafu Thu 23-Jun-05 10:49:13

I read the serialisation in the Daily Mail (hemhem).

Drippy doesn't even begin to describe it. It's not just that the subject matter has been done over and over again, but it's really badly written. I mean, excruciatingly so. She comes across as terribly-nice-but-dim, unfortunately.

Lots of exclamation marks in place of interesting observations! If she could have included smilies I think she probably would! And Jamie turns out to be a bit self-obsessed!


WideWebWitch Thu 23-Jun-05 12:38:03

pmsl at saadia! The title's a bit crap too I think. If it's 'minus nine to one' - is it?

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