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two probs with phil and teds explorer

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misdee Wed 22-Jun-05 15:40:58

1. the shopping basket is too small.

2. if a toddler who is recently toilet trained has an accident, then the child underneath end up covered in urine

am off to buy a piddle pad now

jessicasmummy Wed 22-Jun-05 15:42:47

ooops.... poor little DD3!

SoupDragon Wed 22-Jun-05 15:43:53


fastasleep Wed 22-Jun-05 15:45:26

Ahh leave it, it's good fer yer skin.

bundle Wed 22-Jun-05 15:49:15

nice n cool tho in this humid weather

misdee Wed 22-Jun-05 15:52:24

bit warm actually.

dd3 wasnt impressed!!

bundle Wed 22-Jun-05 15:53:10

ooops. a friend who has one says her dd1 prefers the bottom bunk!

koalabear Wed 22-Jun-05 15:55:20

we are thinking of buying this - do you recommend? have child who will be 18 months when baby is born in november

sparklymieow Wed 22-Jun-05 15:56:27

awwwww so thats how it happened??? Wondered what DH meant when he phoned me and said that your DD2 had peed on DD3

misdee Wed 22-Jun-05 15:57:18

brilliant buggy apart from these probs. invest in a piddle pad lol.

i8 am considering purchyasing the panniers as relying on buggy loads atm, and the basket is a PITA.

koalabear Wed 22-Jun-05 17:01:01

thanks - have also been recommend to buy the baby snuggle thingy with the handles on it

will add to list - panniers and piddle pad or one of those umbrella hats

elliott Wed 22-Jun-05 17:06:38

well BIBBH did always swear by the panniers didn't he?
Personally I don't use the basket for much anyway.

MarsLady Wed 22-Jun-05 17:17:05

third problem....... they are ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

merglemergle Wed 22-Jun-05 17:17:39

I recommend phil & ted's although db2 has not yet arrived. It is fantastic. Even ds who hates all pushchairs willingly climbs into it for a ride.

I STRONGLY suggest buying one asap, because then you get lots of use out of it. It is SO much more fun pushing a spiffy 3 wheeler than our cheap Graco, AND you can feel that you are being frugal because you are getting maximum use out of it.

Can I just say that I use my regular bike panniers, not the phil & ted's ones, and they are fine. So if you actually own panniers you might be able to get away without buying more.

Kelly1978 Wed 22-Jun-05 17:20:19

I'm with ML on this one!

misdee Wed 22-Jun-05 17:23:23

lol ML, just cos you love that marco sky contraption .

the cocoon is good for winter babies. atm ours is redundant, and if dd3 is too big i may have to consider selling the coccoon.

MarsLady Wed 22-Jun-05 17:26:17

I LOVE my Marco Sky. She's so beautiful and so uncommon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<<runs for the hills laughing madly!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>

jessicasmummy Wed 22-Jun-05 17:26:38

ML - link to marco sky PLEASE

koalabear Wed 22-Jun-05 17:28:18

what's a marco sky, and do they do doubles ?

MarsLady Wed 22-Jun-05 17:30:55

well if you insist!

Have you seen that they are offering a free changing bag? I didn't get one sob!!

lockets Wed 22-Jun-05 17:32:27

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Wed 22-Jun-05 17:32:41

I have to agree with Mars on this. The phil and ted thingy is horrible.

MarsLady Wed 22-Jun-05 17:33:53

oh yes!

What a hijack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She shoots....................................

She scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


<<runs away again>>

nutcracker Wed 22-Jun-05 17:34:38


lockets Wed 22-Jun-05 17:35:50

Message withdrawn

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