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What is next?

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lunavix Wed 22-Jun-05 13:34:07

There's the samsonite pop up baby bubble cot thing for the liddle ones, then theres the pop up travel cot side on up to 18 months... what do you do with a 19 month old when you go camping?

koalabear Wed 22-Jun-05 13:36:30

samsonite do a pop up one up to 3 years, but i'd just let him/er sleep between you in a sleeping bag

HJ Wed 22-Jun-05 14:21:45

You buy one of ......... these

lunavix Wed 22-Jun-05 14:24:20

I like the look, it's just a bit.. big.

koalabear - I would but we spend the night awake checking he's okay and waking up at every wriggle. He's only 14 months, but a big 14 months.

koalabear Wed 22-Jun-05 15:16:26

i know what you mean! depends how big tent is i guess - i know "blooming marvelous" have the samsonite pop up for 3 yrs - friends have it and rave about it

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