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Miracle swimsuit for £105 BUT with more support would you buy?

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RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 09:27:00

here is the link to Mumsnet discount of 25%

Even AFTER the 25% discount how much would you pay for a swimsuit?

It still works out at over £70

They have just had them on GMTV and the support was not really there for the bust but was a bit better for tummy and bum


RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 09:29:06

Actually we are really lucky that as members we would get the 25% off

But still way more than I would pay

TracyK Wed 22-Jun-05 09:30:19

I would pay it if it was really good. But I sometimes find these things impossibly tight to haul up and round your bum!
Plus depends on how long in the body they are - sometimes if they are too short they just flatten and drag your boobs down -mmm - nice!

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 09:32:13

It said on GMTV that some people had said they were too tight and so the comment was buy a size bigger

But I don't see that that would work cos if it was bigger then it wouldn't hold you in as well

Fran1 Wed 22-Jun-05 09:32:16

I just watched the first few models on GMTV and once again i feel they deliberately put the most ghastly patterened swim suits on first of all, so of course a plain black one, or just two plain colours is going to look more flattering.

I could see improvements, but not hugely and do feel that it was mostly down to the colouring of the swimsuits.

Would definitely not pay over £30 for a swimsuit let alone £70 or £100!

goosey Wed 22-Jun-05 09:33:09

I'd spend the money on an exercise bike and some dumbells instead and wear a t-shirt and shorts to swim in.

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 09:35:25

Fran good point

If they had worked or shown someone as voluptuous as me and then I looked like cindy crawford then thatr would be a miracle

But would anyone actually pay all that money in the first place?

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 09:36:08

Goosey yes better idea

Fran1 Wed 22-Jun-05 09:37:13

I'd put the money towards paying for a private villa so noone had to see me anyway

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 09:38:11

Excellent !!!!!!!!!!

treacletart Wed 22-Jun-05 09:51:30

Are you sure we get 25% off?? I think from the link that figleaves are pushing a handful of sale items...

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 09:54:09

Oh my goodness sorry don't know

I clicked on link box and then went to swimwear

foxinsocks Wed 22-Jun-05 10:08:19

I got a plain black costume in M&S a few months ago that had hidden support (didn't actually realise when I bought it!). It feels fairly tight around the bum/tummy area - I didn't realise what it looked like but I got changed where there was a mirror the other day and it makes me look like I've lost a stone or so! It completely flattens my very flabby tummy! I think I paid around £30 - I wouldn't pay £100 for a costume though.

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 10:13:07

That is great


NomDePlume Wed 22-Jun-05 10:13:15

I would, but only if I knew I would use it regularly, IYSWIM ?

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 10:18:16

NDP Interesting I guess there is a market for them then

NomDePlume Wed 22-Jun-05 10:19:38

But then I guess that if I was a regular swimmer there'd be no need for the magic panels....

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 10:20:57


As it would be for all of us

clary Wed 22-Jun-05 10:24:35

saw this in the daily Mail (sorry, it was at work ) and thought one of them (green top with wide straps and black bottom half) looked fab, I would say well worth it esp with discount.

Have just bought a new cozzie from Next for £20 but it's hardly in the same league. I really struggle to find swimwear that supports my big boobs (sighing emoticon)

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 10:27:29

this is the one isn't it?

They showed this one and did look good

norash Wed 22-Jun-05 10:38:35

Hell no!

clary Wed 22-Jun-05 10:43:05

Yeah that's the one.
I swim a lot and need something that supports me, can't have my boobs popping out as I go
Maybe will splash out then does MN discount work then?

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 10:45:26

Maybe email MN towers to ask

fishfinger Wed 22-Jun-05 10:48:56

no its only on certain items

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 10:52:41

Thanks FF

I am really sorry that I mislead you

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