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Those upside down flower pot type stilts with ropes on

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handlemecarefully Tue 21-Jun-05 13:45:51

Does anybody know where to get hold of these stilts? They look like inverted flower pots and are easy for children to use holding onto the ropes that are threaded through the top of them.

Anybody seen them? Mail order preferably


Fimbo Tue 21-Jun-05 13:48:26

ELC do them - my dd has bright pink ones - HERE

Janh Tue 21-Jun-05 13:48:40

ELC, of course!

(How's your washing machine?)

handlemecarefully Tue 21-Jun-05 13:49:27

Doh! Why didn't I check the ELC. Thanks ladies

handlemecarefully Tue 21-Jun-05 13:50:35

Washing machine now fixed thanks JanH. I checked the pump, but it turned out to be the motor. £85 - not too bad.

And I've learnt a new skill (i.e. pump checking!)

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