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Who was it asking about wedding gift lists?

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lunavix Mon 20-Jun-05 22:29:44

Ours has been with debenhams, and apart from an extraordinary amount of stuff being unavailable it's been quite good, and our guests were quite chuffed as there has been an ongoing sale and most of our stuff has been permanently reduced.

However, today was meant to be our delivery of bits and bobs and not only have they sent us an odd assortment of things, 4 of them have to be returned.

We were given a digital box (which I was really excited about!) and parts of it are missing (it's obviously been opened and parts taken), there's a nest of tables and the bottom one is falling apart. A set of glasses has one smashed, and a dvd tower has chunks taken out of it and is covered in scratches.

And the weird assortment is - we ordered an outdoor set, as DF gave us some money, and they said it would all be delivered with the gifts today, and they've sent us all the table and parasol etc but only one chair! I have no idea why, it's come straight from the store and there's about 100 in there.

So needless to say a bit disappointed, and while we are grateful for everything we've been given, I can't help but feel this wouldn't have happened with John Lewis!

So to whoever it was who asked.... I wouldn't reccomend debenhams at the moment, but let's see what they say when I complain tomorrow....

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