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kids lunches Do you buy cartons every day like HRH nUtty?

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aloadoffishyballs Mon 20-Jun-05 20:10:06

how much does it cost you?

Puff Mon 20-Jun-05 20:10:35

cartons of what?

aloadoffishyballs Mon 20-Jun-05 20:11:22

juice swaush
hrr nutty of nutland does

KBear Mon 20-Jun-05 20:11:46

nope, fill up a princess drink bottle with water and freeze it overnight so coooool at lunchtime!

Puff Mon 20-Jun-05 20:13:31

what's a princess drink bottle?

I need to gen up on this lingo - ds1 starts reception in Sept.

wobblyknicks Mon 20-Jun-05 20:14:28

I don't buy cartons, Dom Perignon don't make them, wish they did, the bottles get damn heavy in dd's change bag

aloadoffishyballs Mon 20-Jun-05 20:14:46

well somepopel get platic bottles and send htem in some get snazzy cartons!

nutcracker Mon 20-Jun-05 20:15:06

What are you on about ???

I buy a pack of cartons or water every week and they have one in ghtir lunch box every day.Whats wrong with that ???

Can't use drinks bottles cos they leak over everything.

KBear Mon 20-Jun-05 20:15:45

a plastic drink bottle that happens to have Disney Princesses on it - got it at Matalan!

MarsLady Mon 20-Jun-05 20:16:08


Do you lot not have water fountains at school?

<<evil, tightwad mother>>

RTKangaMummy Mon 20-Jun-05 20:16:51

Now you are saved aren't you nutty?

SIGG have come to your rescue

KBear Mon 20-Jun-05 20:16:55

I agree that they do leak after a while, have to buy new ones every few months but a carton doesn't seem to be enough for thirsty girl!

Titania Mon 20-Jun-05 20:17:17

sometimes yes. nothing wrong with it IMHO. each to their own. not like you are giving them arsenic to drink is it??

KBear Mon 20-Jun-05 20:17:25

wot is SIGG?

nutcracker Mon 20-Jun-05 20:18:35

Sorry but I am confused.

What exactly is wrong with them taking a carton of drink ???????

aloadoffishyballs Mon 20-Jun-05 20:18:39

aia ma taking the piss Titania out of my ex pupil

aloadoffishyballs Mon 20-Jun-05 20:19:06

its soo lavish
I am struck down
wonder if everyone sdeos ut but skin flinty fish

RTKangaMummy Mon 20-Jun-05 20:19:52


DEFFO BRILL they are too

tamum Mon 20-Jun-05 20:20:00

Yes me. That makes me almost royal, right?

KBear Mon 20-Jun-05 20:20:04

nutty, there's nothing wrong with it at all. fishyballs must be up to her tricks....

wobblyknicks Mon 20-Jun-05 20:20:24

Depends whether they're Harrods cartons - wouldn't have thought Asda or Ribena was particularly lavish!!!!!

aloadoffishyballs Mon 20-Jun-05 20:20:35

HMm htink we need to convert her rtkm

cnat hey have one as a comp prize

aloadoffishyballs Mon 20-Jun-05 20:20:45

hehe! wobbly

Tinker Mon 20-Jun-05 20:20:56

Cartons and water bottles here.

aloadoffishyballs Mon 20-Jun-05 20:21:23

nothing at all wrong wiht it nutty am pisstaking
ds woudl love one
I woudl wonder if that woudl be anough for him as he is king of sweating ( hmm nice)
but ou r girl is littel isnt she

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