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charleepeters Mon 20-Jun-05 19:17:17

I often get bits and pieces at Wilkinsons ans i find the majority of there stuff is decent even though its cheap. Anyway they had a sale on Sunblock so i brought some baby one factor 50 for ds. I smothered him in it yeasterday as we were at a family bbq, i put it on his several times and after swimming. but i noticed he still got burnt! I am furious, i would have thought that even though it is cheap they would have made sure it works especially as its for babies i have just written them a very angry letter i am so anooyed poor ds has pink arms and legs through no faut of mine or his i am disgusted with Wilkinsons and im tempted to take things further if they dont respond appropriatly

LGJ Mon 20-Jun-05 19:18:15


I would, that is unacceptable.

anorak Mon 20-Jun-05 19:19:25

Quite right. It doesn't matter how cheap it is if you can't use it for the purpose. Was it their own brand?

MistressMary Mon 20-Jun-05 19:19:53

I heard something similar today from a mum at mums and toddlers.
Not at all safe by the sounds of it.

charleepeters Mon 20-Jun-05 19:20:50

yes it was there own brand, it was £1.99, i have had to go out today and spend a fortune on after sun and proper sun lotion for him.

LIZS Mon 20-Jun-05 19:21:36

Phone Trading Standards tomorrow - wouldn't wait for their response tbh and they may be able to spot check asap.

anorak Mon 20-Jun-05 19:22:34

This is very serious IMO I would be tempted to sue. It's more of an issue than just a bad product when a baby gets sunburnt. I would take photos of the burns and maybe get a doctor or nurse to put it in writing.

anorak Mon 20-Jun-05 19:23:28

We use the nivea spray, factor 40, it's very good. I was in full sun for 5 hours 11-4 on Saturday and did not burn.

nutcracker Mon 20-Jun-05 19:28:24

Alot of the kids suncreams and sprays are BOGOF in Boots at the mo.

charleepeters Mon 20-Jun-05 20:55:07

How do i get in contact with trading standards? i used the sunblock yesterday aswell as im very fair skinned so i always use a kids one and i cant walk today as my back/shoulders and chest are badly burnt and blistered. i am defantly taking this further. i cant be the only one who brought this so other kids may be getting burnt aswell.

LIZS Mon 20-Jun-05 21:01:22

Trading Standards site is here and there is a postcode search for your local branch. Good luck.

charleepeters Mon 20-Jun-05 21:10:45


SoupDragon Mon 20-Jun-05 21:14:32

How long were you out in the sun for though?

eg if you would have burn in, say, 2 minutes without sun protection, with the SPF 50 you would only be OK for 100 minutes but no longer no matter how much cream you put on.

charleepeters Tue 21-Jun-05 09:05:17

i wasnt in the sun that long - i made sure after about 15 mins each time i went and sat in the shade, i did everyhtign the directions on the tube said to do.

lilaclotus Tue 21-Jun-05 09:16:14

agree with anorak, i slapped on nivea 50+ and dd played outside for 3 hours and not even a bit of red. tesco does 2 for £8 on those atm.

LIZS Tue 21-Jun-05 09:31:05

Does also depend on skin type, but even so I would have thought you'd taken sufficient precautions to make a complaint.

SoupDragon Tue 21-Jun-05 09:53:53

Just wanted to make the point that once you'd been out in the sun for the 100 minutes total in my example, you would then burn no matter how often you'd been in the shade or reapplied the sunscreen.

Definitely worth a letter though.

(btw, posted the Chessington vouchers this morning )

bundle Tue 21-Jun-05 09:54:55

superdrug has BOGOF on their own brand, the nivea stuff and others too

QueenOfQuotes Tue 21-Jun-05 09:57:18

The Avon Kids suncream is very good too (usually on special offer too) - we were out all day Saturday and the boys were wearing it (factor 25) and neither of them burned at all.

I'm blonde, very fair skinned and I use their SPF15 Suncream Wipes - again haven't burned with it on (and I'm terribly as I 'top up' the kids - but always forget to top myself up - so I apply in the morning and that's it ).

On burnt bit I've got is where I mananged to miss a spot on my arm on Saturday............quite funny actually as it looks like someone's given me a whack on the arm, or grabbed me really tightly

Definitely complain about the Wilkinson's stuff.

Guardianangel Tue 21-Jun-05 10:00:30

Charleepeters. I learned recently that sun protection products take at least 20 minutes to become effective! This could the answer. If ds was in sun for only 10 mins after application then he would burn, particularly in the heat we have had recently. I am amazed that they dont put it on the bottle. There is a PizBuin lotion which is effective straight away (very new on the market).

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