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What are those drink beakers that don't leak ???

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nutcracker Mon 20-Jun-05 18:55:53

Think they begin with S and are quite expensive.

Willow2 Mon 20-Jun-05 19:06:02

We used anywayup cups - not sure about the ones that start with an s though.

nutcracker Mon 20-Jun-05 19:06:34

Anyone ???

I think they are metal with a black lid thats sort of like a stopper, and they are supposed to be really good, don't leak with even fizzy pop in them.

SoupDragon Mon 20-Jun-05 19:06:43

Siggo? Coddy's your woman for this.

nutcracker Mon 20-Jun-05 19:07:19

Oh no they aren't toddler cups they are like for putting in lunch boxes.

Sorry, I wasn't very clear.

SoupDragon Mon 20-Jun-05 19:08:30

Sigg. There are some on the site RTKM recommends here

nutcracker Mon 20-Jun-05 19:10:16

Hmmm that doesn't bring them up on google.

Have seen some imitation ones in Wollies but they are quite cheap so i assume they won't be as good.

nutcracker Mon 20-Jun-05 19:10:35

Yay thanks Soupy

LIZS Mon 20-Jun-05 19:11:32

Try here

nutcracker Mon 20-Jun-05 19:17:05

Thanks LIZ

RTKangaMummy Mon 20-Jun-05 19:22:06

NUTTY go to LITTLE TREKKERS they have loads there

And yopu get 10% off by going through MN


Got DS a greatr one last week with spaceman and moon on

They have more designs than on website give a ring to ask

TheOldDragon Mon 20-Jun-05 19:22:42

I told her that already

RTKangaMummy Mon 20-Jun-05 19:26:06

Thanks soupy Did see that


Got over excited and wanted her to notice

DS is DEFFO chuffed with his

nutcracker Mon 20-Jun-05 19:27:10

Lol Kanga

And can you confirm that they don't leak , even when lay down ??

RTKangaMummy Mon 20-Jun-05 19:28:03

Hold on a sec I will go and test it out


nutcracker Mon 20-Jun-05 19:29:03

LOL, right ok then

LIZS Mon 20-Jun-05 19:33:05

ds' has never leaked and he's been using it everyday at school for almost 2 years. Also not as dented as the cheaper brand predecessor.

RTKangaMummy Mon 20-Jun-05 19:36:13

I have shaken with great vigor


Even when it was not done up properly {screw top} no drips

THe cap will not shut until the twist mouth piece is turned off {shut}


THe only downside is the way the lid can get in the way when drinking

aloadoffishyballs Mon 20-Jun-05 19:36:40

I loooooooooooooov e them

aloadoffishyballs Mon 20-Jun-05 19:37:19

theres another site with a larger range if you google

the larger ones are best

RTKangaMummy Mon 20-Jun-05 19:37:57

So after filling if you do not put the top on properly it will not leak

The mouth piece must be twisted shut though but you will know as the lid won't go on

aloadoffishyballs Mon 20-Jun-05 19:38:39

yes ( one lid later )

aloadoffishyballs Mon 20-Jun-05 19:38:58

and htey go int he freezer
and you can buy the tops again

RTKangaMummy Mon 20-Jun-05 19:38:59

We got a shoulder strap that goes around the neck and so then is easier for DS to carry

aloadoffishyballs Mon 20-Jun-05 19:39:28

yes worried mine may strangle themselves

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