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need help!!! purrleeees!

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nightowl Mon 20-Jun-05 02:20:16

im looking for a sun canopy for my inglesina espresso. (black, red and grey). i dont want a parasol (ive heard they are the "in" thing but i dont care!) i HATE parasols, i cant deal with them bouncing and swaying and generally getting in my way (im a rubbish buggy driver at the best of times). i want a sun canopy, pref black. where can i get one? (im using my old blue one at present). ive been to mothercare where i bought the buggy and no go, been to the inglesina website and no go either.

darn it. i bought a wonderful buggy which has brightened up my days and i cant get a sun shade...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

TrophyWife Mon 20-Jun-05 08:33:08

have yuo tried kiddicare i got mine from there. (not a parasol)

jessicasmummy Mon 20-Jun-05 08:44:18

sorry to hijack, but im after a WHITE sun canopy - do mothercare have them?! Its to go on the mothercare princess stroller as i HATE parasols with a passion too....

littlerach Mon 20-Jun-05 09:05:32

I had one from Argos but it didn't fit the pushchair at all. So not really any help!

nightowl Fri 24-Jun-05 17:06:41

yes mothercare have some nice white ones jessicasmummy. they are very pretty actually.

jessicasmummy Fri 24-Jun-05 17:07:06

thats great - thanks!

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