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What are your wine purchasing habits?

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Earlybird Thu 12-Nov-09 12:43:22

Just curious .......hey, it's a slow day! wink

Do you buy quite a few bottles at once, or one or two at a time?

Off license, supermarket or elsewhere?

Do you try different sorts of wine, or stick at tried and true favourites?

What price do you pay for
an everyday, at home bottle
a special bottle

What sort of wine/what sort of price range do you usually take to a friend's house? Does what you bring/how much you spend depend on who the friend is (and how posh, or how special the evening), or do you bring the same no matter what?

Does what you drink depend on what you're eating, or the season (ex: I tend to think of chilled white wine in summer and red wine in winter)?

Tell us your favourite bottle/brand of wine for
something quite nice
very special occasions

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