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advice needed on little boy's bikes please!

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Flibbertyjibbet Mon 09-Nov-09 22:38:22

Getting our boys their first bikes for xmas. DS2 had a go on a friend's sons bike yesterday, a 14" wheeled ben ten thingy. It was a tad big for him but the smaller sized bikes are all a bit babyish, he's tall for his age and will be 4 in May.

So I found one on the Halfords website (not ben ten just a plain one!) and can pick it up Friday.

Ds1 however I need some advice on if anyone can help.

He also had a sit on this friend's bike and it was just about a good fit for him. In fact he would probably need the seat raising quite soon.

We don't want to take them to a bike shop for trying bike sizes as that will spoil the surprise!

So what I am asking of mothers of older boys is: would you get a bike on the larger size rather than one that looks like he will outgrow it by easter? Is it the done thing to get them bigger? Or should I get the size that looks good now, and suck up the fact that I'll probably have to replace it next Christmas when I think the larger size would do a couple of years.

he is 112cm with VERY long legs for his height.

Any thoughts welcome!

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