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>sigh< this is very boring but does anyone (or their dp) know why I can't get my emails? PLEEEEZE help!

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Moomin Fri 17-Jun-05 22:06:47

Up until 2 days ago I was getting my emails through outlook express but now they keep getting bounced back. I know this as I tried to send myself one from work to home on another email address and it bounced back immediately. Someone else rang me to say the same. I can use the internet fine, and I can actually send emails but just can't get them on the one account.

Have tried the help menu but it's all a bit technical and don't even know who to phone about it (wondows help or freeserve/wanadoo?)

Any ideas?

emily05 Fri 17-Jun-05 22:09:29

Its possibly nothing to do with outlook itself. Who provides your email address (ie. who is you internet service provider or do you use hotmail/yahoo mail etc)?

Moomin Fri 17-Jun-05 22:15:51


emily05 Fri 17-Jun-05 22:23:55

What error message do you get when the email is sent back to you?

I think you should send it to wanadoo at \lnik{\wanadoo outlook help}

emily05 Fri 17-Jun-05 22:24:49


meant to say
wanadoo outlook help

SaintGeorge Fri 17-Jun-05 22:24:54

Do you have Norton as your antivirus by any chance?

Moomin Fri 17-Jun-05 22:27:42

Thanks emily05 - will do that now.
SaintGeorge - yes, have Norton. Why?!

SaintGeorge Fri 17-Jun-05 22:30:05

I have Norton. About 2 months ago I stopped receiving mails through Outlook. Now I can't send them either. My ISP helpdesk say it is a known problem between Norton and Outlook, but couldn't provide a solution.

Have tried loads of things but can't fix it and now have to check all my mails through the various websites.

Sorry, not very helpful but hope someone comes along with an answer for you.

Moomin Fri 17-Jun-05 22:31:38

ooo how annoying. Thanks for telling me that. I can use the internet for emails, of course but outlook is handy for transferring big files from home to work, etc. Grrrr.

SaintGeorge Fri 17-Jun-05 22:33:48

Outlook itself isn't the email program though, just handling software, so it shouldn't really make any difference to transferring files.

SaintGeorge Mon 20-Jun-05 22:54:17

Update - I finally got totally sick of Norton and uninstalled it last night.

Today I decided I would have a go at reconfiguring Outlook to see if I could get it working again.

I didn't have to - as soon as I opened the program all my emails starting loading instantly.

Norton was the problem, no doubt at all.

Moomin Tue 21-Jun-05 21:57:47

That's interesting. I emailed wanadoo tech help but no reply yet. What are you using instead of Norton? It seems like such a waste of money not being able to use your bloody anti-virus software!

SaintGeorge Tue 21-Jun-05 22:01:16

I've downloaded the free version of AVG and turned my windows firewall back on. Seems to be keeping most things at bay at the moment, although I get an annoying clicking noise everytime it stops a popup.

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