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Presents for teachers

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nutcracker Fri 17-Jun-05 19:22:56

Want to start looking around for something special for dd2's teacher.

Dd loves her and she has had so much fun with her and will really miss her. Dd wants to get her something really special.

So ideas please, especially from teachers

aloadoffishyballs Fri 17-Jun-05 19:23:56

a mug with her name on
an indian head massage

Janh Fri 17-Jun-05 19:24:41

Teachers do like booze, don't they...can't imagine why!

Puff Fri 17-Jun-05 19:24:46

what's your budget nutty?

ja9 Fri 17-Jun-05 19:24:59

my last class organised a wee collection. They only put in a couple of quid each but that raised a stonking £100 of john lewis vouchers. I bought myself something lovely & will always remember that class when i look at it.

fatgit Fri 17-Jun-05 19:25:36

do a class collection and give her vouchers. get your dd to make a card

Janh Fri 17-Jun-05 19:25:42

a wee collection?

Yorkiegirl Fri 17-Jun-05 19:25:56

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Fri 17-Jun-05 19:25:59

Is it ok to get alcohol ??

Puff Fri 17-Jun-05 19:26:36

oh yes - I was thrilled with alcohol!

janeybops Fri 17-Jun-05 19:27:10

I have a nice vase that I always remember one of my ex pupils whenever I use it - she was a fav of mine

janeybops Fri 17-Jun-05 19:27:39

NOT chocolates or scented candles though

aloadoffishyballs Fri 17-Jun-05 19:28:22

id say not onrmaents either ro drawer liners
yes scented stuff is very personal

nutcracker Fri 17-Jun-05 19:28:54

Dd said that she was telling her teacher how much she loves her today and her teacher said 'i will really miss you when you go you know '

janeybops Fri 17-Jun-05 19:29:27

ah how sweet

janeybops Fri 17-Jun-05 19:30:02

How about a personalised mug, something useful and nicely personal

aloadoffishyballs Fri 17-Jun-05 19:30:10

then she muttered " but hand over your champers first"

nutcracker Fri 17-Jun-05 19:30:25

Right ok, am making a list

aloadoffishyballs Fri 17-Jun-05 19:30:59

champagen and a straw selloptaped on to it
mark t he champagne " for emergencies only"

fatgit Fri 17-Jun-05 19:31:41

i think personalised mugs are the fashionable thing at the moment, and i can just imagine miss bond with six miss bond mugs...

nutcracker Fri 17-Jun-05 19:32:42

LOL @ the straw and champagne

aloadoffishyballs Fri 17-Jun-05 19:34:16

they LOVE it

SoupDragon Fri 17-Jun-05 19:35:27

Personalised wine glass instead then?

aloadoffishyballs Fri 17-Jun-05 19:35:43

peronalised cane

mogwai Fri 17-Jun-05 21:09:17

I hate to be a pooper, but I don't really agree with giving gifts because it becomes very competitive. I'm an SLT and I hate getting presents that are obviosly expensive, especially from rich parents. I always think they expect favorable treatment in return. Chocs and flowers are somehow different.

Then again, perhaps it's different with teachers, it's not like you are tryng to influence how they deal with your child as they are going on to another class.

I don't ever remember giving a pressie to a teacher (except when we were in high school and we might organise a collection between ourselves and send someone shopping). Have things really changed that much or were we really just stingy bastards ?

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