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Lightweight buggy: Mac Volo or Jané Unique?

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whiteorchid Sat 07-Nov-09 16:21:44

Am looking to buy a 2nd buggy for holidays and generally to stick in the back of the car. Can you tell me if the Volo is ok for 1 year old? Also, has anyone got the Jané Unique? Any other recommendations? Thanks

Housemum Sun 08-Nov-09 00:32:09

Not heard of the Jane (can't find the accent on my keyboard!) but love my Volo - it's 5 years old now, but used it for both DDs on public transport from about 10 months - trains/tubes/buses - the lightest buggy on the market I believe (Silver Cross do one called Fizz that's supposed to be same weight but it felt heavier when I picked one up in John Lewis). Only disadvantage is it doesn't recline, but the DDs have fallen asleep in it OK, usually her head just goes to the side. The Silver Cross one reclines.

Just looked at the Jane - that looks good, like the idea that it can be freestanding (the Volo can't) but I'd need to try one as i know the MacLaren folding is so easy

Housemum Sun 08-Nov-09 00:34:40

This website has lots of reviews:

Kiddicare - one person commented that you can't hang stuff off the handles because of the brake - I know you shouldn't hang stuff off anyway but that would be a pain to me!

whiteorchid Sun 08-Nov-09 19:08:17

Thanks Housemum, really helpful. I'm veering towards the Volo. I was a bit worried about the seat being a bit shallow for a 12mth old, but if you've used it from 10mths, that's reassuring. DD doesn't sleep in the buggy, so not too worried it doesn't recline. Thanks again.

shivster1980 Sun 08-Nov-09 20:57:46

I had a volo - great until 2ish and then my DS was too heavy and it was a pain in the ar*e to push!

ThePhantomPlopper Sun 08-Nov-09 21:05:49

I hate my Volo, brake is crap, the seat is crap, it's hard to push and manoeuvre.

Housemum Mon 09-Nov-09 01:07:06

The brakes are better on the new ones - I have an old one with the crap brake that you nudge/slide with your foot, the new ones have a oush down mechanism. I found it easy to push but then I had a Mamas & Papas Pliko before that really was crap to push - wobbly plastic handles.

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