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Fee77 - URGENT!!

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QueenFlounce Fri 17-Jun-05 08:08:47

Toothache here..... I posted on your thread but thought it warranted a whole new one!


I pick it up this afternoon. Do you want to CAT me your postage details etc????

QueenFlounce Fri 17-Jun-05 08:52:21


QueenFlounce Fri 17-Jun-05 10:05:33

...and again... BUMP!

fee77 Fri 17-Jun-05 14:32:14

I am here!!!!!! Thank you sooo much! Oh i could cry!!! I have never catted but i will have a go. Oh thank you so much - i promise i will post a piccy up of her when she gets christened.
Thank you so much!!!!

oooggs Fri 17-Jun-05 17:57:04

Hurray for toothache we will all want to see a photo Fee77

Guardianangel Fri 17-Jun-05 18:21:42

yippee, I am so glad you got it. It sounds lovely.

fee77 Fri 17-Jun-05 20:42:20

Thanks to everyone who helped in the great dress hunt! I am about to have a glass of plonk to celebrate!
Toothache - i am going away for the weekend in the morning, but will be back sunday night - i don't want you to think i have run off! I have catted you - hope it works.
Thanks again - i am one happy bunny!

QueenFlounce Fri 17-Jun-05 21:40:31

Fee77 - The dress is GORGEOUS! I think I'll get one for my dd too. Can't wait to see a photo.
I'm just waiting for my prehistoric PC to deliver all my mail... but there are 26 messages so I'm sure yours in one! Glad I could help.

....want to know the best part???? I get a 10% staff discount too! So it was £10.80!

QueenFlounce Mon 20-Jun-05 23:17:01

Fee77 - Got your mail, but my PC is playing up!!! I'll post it down to this week... a cheque is fine. I'll email you my details at work tomorrow.

fee77 Mon 20-Jun-05 23:20:40

Thank you so much - you're a star!

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