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Cheap, nice double swing/type thing for garden? Recommendations?

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Adair Thu 05-Nov-09 21:13:17

WE have finally exchanged on our house Woooo hooo!!!!!! grin

And we will be getting a lovely big garden (we are in a flat at moment). We wanted to get a swing set for the dc to play on as soon as they get there - (we will have time to set it up).We don't have v much money, I want two swings really as we have two kids and I remember using ours for YEARS, chatting together etc.

dh likes this wooden one

I like this one with a glider thing

Any thoughts? Thanks

Milliways Fri 06-Nov-09 17:39:44

Argos one looks good value - but I will confess that I LOVE the Active Toy Company, and stuff we have got from there (TP frame, Supertramp Trampoline etc) has lasted for years.

Would thoroughly recommend visiting them for a free day out & letting kids play on all the stuff grin. You could probably swap a swing seat for a glider / build your own components up.

Do you have any trees in your garden? Fav things here have been a tyre swing and also a trapeeze bar (which could go on any swing frame - we use a branch), as well as a rope ladder into a climbing tree.

Adair Fri 06-Nov-09 19:20:51

Thanks, that's really good to know as I think we had decided to go with the attractive wooden one - not sure how much they'd play on the glider thing anyway. And what's £40 really in the thousands of pounds we are haemorrhaging in this sale...?!

Can't remember if any trees - but all those ideas sound good. Dd well into climbing, and I am sure ds will follow. grin

Milliways Fri 06-Nov-09 21:27:17

Hope the move goes smoothly for you - exciting times!

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