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super wet nappy help needed, i'm at my soggy wits end

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AuroraB Thu 05-Nov-09 13:53:23

hope this is the best place, the nappy thread is all about reuseables and quite frankly 2 loads of washing a day is enough for me at present without adding nappies to the mix.

so my 20 week old boy has started sleeping 10 ish hours at night which is great. But by morning he is soaked through, his babygrow, his grobag, his sheets even the damn mattress. i have tried boots, sainsbury, huggies and pampers, i have tried sizing up, sizing down, last night i even put in a left over maternity santitary towel, and he was so wet at 5 this morning he has to have a bath, when all he really wanted was a quick boob and to go back to sleep.

has anyone else experienced excessive peeishness in their child? and has anyone found a solution?

ConnorTraceptive Thu 05-Nov-09 14:05:14

Oh ds2 was just like this at night. The only solution we found was to put him in his normal size nappy and then put a pull up on (next size up) over the top. Needs to be a pull up we found as they seem to sit higher up the tummy and stop leaking at the top.

We've never had a problem since we've started doing this

Hope it works for you!

AuroraB Thu 05-Nov-09 14:13:56

ah now that's an idea, are pull ups like padded pants? i think that might work because the point of weakness where the leaking begins seems to be at the sides where the velcro stuff is and there is no padding.

was he able to move his legs properly? i had toyed with the idea of two nappies but thought there might be so much between his legs that he would be doing th splits
thanks for you help

Owlingate Thu 05-Nov-09 14:19:38

Hi we bought these disposable booster pad type things from boots that people with reusables sometimes put in at night.

We put a booster pad in a disposable the next size up and it worked pretty well - he kind of grew out of weeing so much at 1 (though we still have to use the, er, 'leading brand' at night and supermarket own in the day).

AuroraB Thu 05-Nov-09 14:26:03

thanks owlingate, i shall see if i can get some of these boosters, perhaps a combination of booster pads, nappies and pull ups will work. it's funny these giant pees seem to have started quite sudddenly, i've just has to change his nappy that he has only been in for about 2 hours, that didn't used to happen

perfectstorm Thu 05-Nov-09 21:37:56

Pull ups are all that worked with DS at night from about 5 - 11 months, too. There's less escape route room I think! Was a bugger till we worked that out.

You may need to keep a pair of blunt-ended craft scissors handy though, in case he poos. Pulling a shitty nappy down and over heels without any smearing is less than easy, specially with a breastfed baby. It may not only be him that needs a bath, if you don't cut it off.

Seona1973 Fri 06-Nov-09 11:45:33

pull ups tear down the sides without needing scissors. I pulled them down when it was pee but tore the sides to open when it was poo (lying down of course, or it goes everywhere!)

ConnorTraceptive Fri 06-Nov-09 12:51:21

Never had a problem with poo as ds refuses to poo in a wet nappy. always waits until 2 minutes after you've put a fresh one on hmm

AuroraB Fri 06-Nov-09 13:35:20

ha connortraceptive, mine too! actually he doesn't poo at night thankfully

well last night i tried a motherease wrap (inherited) over the normal nappy with a reuseable booster thing in it and fingers crossed it worked a treat
it's also good to know he's not the only giant wee'er

Gracie123 Fri 06-Nov-09 18:33:56

We had this problem too. I wish I'd known about mumsnet back then sad
we used to put him to bed at 7, then very carefully peel back the layers and change him whilst he slept before we went to bed (about 10.30pm) then change him immediately when he woke up for breakfast at 7. If we didn't do this he leaked everywhere, especially if I started letting him feed first! Wet nighties are not fun for mum!!!
He still wee's excessively at night (he's 2). It's really putting me off potty training...

perfectstorm Fri 06-Nov-09 21:54:24

Ours don't - but we have to use Nature Baby ones despite being hugely unconvinced by the eco credentials, because the normal brands instantly give him nappy rash. Even the Sainsbury's version of Nature Baby. They don;t have any bleach/plastic in their coverings, but nor do their pull-ups tear. I WISH. The amount of poo on his legs/me.

So now I can add that to the extra cost of not being able to use own-brand/normal bath products. Sigh.

FanjolinaJolie Sun 08-Nov-09 17:34:03

YOu can get towelling trainer pants which a plastic lined (hidden between two layers of towelling) from Boots you could try these over the top of disposable nappy. They are washable.

I swear by Lidl nappies for no leaks and cheap too.

susiey Wed 11-Nov-09 19:04:09

I love tesco nappies they hold a lot of wee

have you tried them?

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