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I need a children's recorder by tommorow morning!

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LynetteScavo Thu 05-Nov-09 12:44:25

Where on earth do I get one?

Argos are all sold out.

bigbangerslips Thu 05-Nov-09 12:45:33

music shop sells them if u can get to them

emkana Thu 05-Nov-09 12:45:49

ELC sell them

LynetteScavo Thu 05-Nov-09 12:49:16

I am now going to have a rant about small shops closing down.

We have all the stupid large shops here...but the indipendant music shop closed down. I've found a shop in the next town that sells will make the round trip after school.

Did you know they reckon there are going to be no idependant shops left by 2015?

Thanks emkana...we don't have an elc...don't know why not!

frakkinaround Thu 05-Nov-09 12:49:40

I'd offer to send you one (we have 6) but it probably wouldn't reach you with the postal strike! Unless you're local to High Wycombe.

gorionine Thu 05-Nov-09 12:50:41

Seen some in Lidl on Sunday. They might still have some?(I think they might actually change their stock on Thursday so might be too late already).

whoops Thu 05-Nov-09 12:52:10

I got one in the Range a couple of weeks ago

LynetteScavo Thu 05-Nov-09 13:20:15

Thanks idea where High Wycombe is though. smile

DH has offred to go for me smile(his fault DS hasnt't got one for tommorow!)

gorionine Fri 06-Nov-09 11:26:21

Any luck Lynette? Is your DS now the proud owner of a brand new recorder?

LynetteScavo Sat 07-Nov-09 21:44:48

Yes..not the colour he wanted (it's cream) but hey.

It sounds dreadfull, and I have actually had to hide it to get some peace.

However, he can play a whole song on one note, and is very pleased with himself.

Oh, and he can also play it with his nostril. Totally talented is my boy. hmm

FanjolinaJolie Sun 08-Nov-09 15:39:07

Realise this is too late for OP but Lidl have Yamaha recorders this week!!

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