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M&P Pulse vs Maclaren Quest ....

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Millie1 Thu 16-Jun-05 16:48:05

Seems like I'm on a roll posting on here .... and spending money!!!!

Anyway, Mamas & Papas Pulse vrs Maclaren Quest? Has anyone else compared them or puchased the Pulse (I remember a few threads recently but don't know if anyone actually went out and purchased one), and if so, I'd be really interested in your opinions.


ps - I've looked at them side by side and think the Maclaren seems to have better padding BUT the man in the baby shop says that the Pulse is £120 worth of buggy for £90 and therefore a better buggy than the Maclaren. He sells a lot of M&P, not sure how much Maclaren in comparison but guess I just wonder whether there's more profit in M&P than Maclaren. Oh what a cynic I am!!

Hazellnut Thu 16-Jun-05 19:52:13

I have been looking at both of these too - I really liked the Pulse and would have bought it except for the fact I am a 5' midget and the handles were only one height and too high . So didn't buy the Maclaren either cos I was sulking. Am going to look at the Jane Energie too.

vickiyumyum Thu 16-Jun-05 20:01:48

i have had both of these buggies (and anumber of others beside -see my for sale collection!)
i sold the quest almost immediatley after buying it as didn't get on with the soft foam handles or the funny little brakes. i went on to buy the maclaren techno, because it had better handles and better brakes!
a few months later this was stolen out of my car, wasn't going to buy a new buggy, but being the buggyaholic that i am i brought the mamas and papas pulse. i think that it is a great buggy, as good as the maclaren techno, but over £50 cheaper. i would recommend this buggy to anyone over the smaller maclarens, on brakes alone, not to mention the other features that i prefer.
(better leg rest for smaller toddlers, lays back further than quest, better hood for sun coverage, better wheels)

Millie1 Thu 16-Jun-05 21:45:55

Thanks for all the info Vickiyumyum ... decision made & am off shoppping in the morning. Just need to decide on colour .... . Hazellnut - I found the handles quite high too but I think you'd just get used to them!

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