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need a cassette player for 3yo

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bellababe Thu 16-Jun-05 06:36:33

Can anyone recommend a cassette player, pref without mike, for a 3yo to listen to story tapes. Needs to be easy to use and difficult to destroy...

csa Thu 16-Jun-05 16:33:36

try argos? this maybe?

desperatehousewife Thu 16-Jun-05 16:34:09

Early learning centre do one for £10

Kelly1978 Thu 16-Jun-05 16:38:08

Agree with ELC, we've had it for couple of years. Ours had a mic, they mgiht do one without as well,

bellababe Thu 16-Jun-05 19:00:20

Yeah, i've looked at the ELC one and it looks great. Maybe the mike is detachable. I can just imagine him yelling full volume into it at 5.30am!!! The purpose of this exercise is to try to persuade him to stay in his room in the mornings (ie with a storytape) and not wake his siblings to play with. He adores being read to so I am hoping this might be the thing - it would also be a great threat to have it taken away!
Although the other two both have "proper" radios/cd/whatever in their rooms, I feel that as this is specifically for him to be able to work WITHOUT help, and to be encouraged to, I want it to be really childproof, and frankly, not matter if he wrecks it.
Thanks though, I suspect I shall, as ever, revert to ELC!!

ambrosia Thu 16-Jun-05 19:01:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bellababe Thu 16-Jun-05 19:13:17

Would you? I thought of that but went off the idea... I think it's because the fiddliness of putting the earphones on, plus the bulkiness/inconvenience of wearing them is perhaps not condusive to snuggling down, thumb in mouth, and PERHAPS a few more minutes sleep!!

leahbump Thu 16-Jun-05 19:14:10

boots do a nice one Bella...or they did last xmas. Worth a look maybe!

Weatherwax Thu 16-Jun-05 19:24:58

I've had three or four of these childrens cassette players and find them very useful. Don't worry about the microphone, all of mine were unplugged before being handed over and no comment was made and I'm sure at least one was an ELC machine. Headphones did not work for dd1 but the machines are all quiet enough anyway.

Kelly1978 Thu 16-Jun-05 19:56:26

the mic doesn't disconnect on mine, but it isn't really really loud neither. i suppose u cud cut it off tho.

bellababe Thu 16-Jun-05 21:18:46

I've had a closer look at the ELC one and it looks as though you can just unplug the microphone. Think I'll go for that one.
Thanks everyone.

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