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Looking for small plastic/toy fairies!

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dorris44 Tue 27-Oct-09 22:22:01

I have foolishly agreed to source plastic fairies for a PTA event. I need them to be quite small - about 7-10cm, and very cheap (about 50p each). Has anyone got any ideas please?

I thought it would be easy, but I've never had to look for that sort of thing, having two boys! I've spent an hour on the internet when I should be doing the ironing and found nothing suitable!

Any pointers gratefully received.


bamboo Tue 27-Oct-09 22:34:24

Any good?

dorris44 Tue 27-Oct-09 22:40:55

oh thank you. that's certainly a good starting point. I had looked at yellow moon I'm sure, among many other websites, and they seemed to have 4 for £4.
Only thing is that they need painting, but it's certainly worth considering
thanks again

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