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Mothercare pushchairs

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wobblymum Wed 28-May-03 13:27:28

Has anyone tried or had a Mothercare Urban Detour ATP? I wanted a 3-wheeled pushchair but couldn't find a travel system I liked so I'm getting a Jane Rebel or Bebe Confort Elios car seat but I don't want to pay the huge amount it would cost to get the pushchairs to go with either of these. I looked on the Mothercare website and there's an Urban Detour on there for £90, which looks quite good.

The only thing is, it looks like it will be ok to use from birth but I was wondering if anyone had tried one and had any opinions on them?

whellid Wed 28-May-03 14:42:01

Hi wobblymum. We have one of these and I really like it - it's really easy to put up and down, and is great for country walks etc as well as being really light to push round town. We didn't have it from birth though so can't help there.

Hughsie Wed 28-May-03 15:50:29

I've got the double version and it is very easy to push - very light so the single one must be good too! A friend had the single one and I'm pretty sure she used it from birth - does it not say on the website?

BearintheBigBlueHous Wed 28-May-03 17:08:00

Dead light to push around town, but if you have the wheel on swivel it can develop the wobbles - something to do with the size of the wheels apparently. Not sure about from birth, we started at six months as the harness is quite big. Funnily enough we got the Jane travel system for the first six months with the car seat that lies flat which was BRILLIANT - sleep pretty much guaranteed. The Jane buggy was fine, but we wanted something more manouvreable and that would go better on grass, which is why we then got the 3 wheeler. Also the 3 wheeler is better for blokes to push as he can use one hand in the middle of the handle (its all to do with differently shaped elbows and being taller.) However not convinced that the most upright seat position on the Urban Detour is far enough upright for dd, but all that said it's been great value.

wobblymum Thu 29-May-03 10:00:47

Thanks for all the help. On the Mothercare website it says from birth so it should be ok but I've heard of some that say from birth but then people have problems with them and a newborn, so I was just wondering if anyone had tried it.

Sounds like it will be great so that's me sorted now! Just got to worry about getting the sprog out now!!!!

BearintheBigBlueHous Thu 29-May-03 11:21:44

When are you due Wobbly - we're going to be trading in our Urban Detour for a Kiwi Explorer shortly (see Double Buggy or Tandem thread) as No. 2 is due in October. If timings coincide would you be interested in a previously owned UD? Understand if you're not.

wobblymum Thu 29-May-03 12:00:15

Thanks for the offer Bear but I'm due on 20th of June so I really need to get something ASAP. We've already left it a bit too late (whoops!) but we couldn't decide what we wanted.

Thanks loads for the offer though!!!

BearintheBigBlueHous Thu 29-May-03 12:08:45

All the best for the next few weeks - if you can't get hold of a new one in time, let me know and we can try to bring forward our changeover. Good luck.

wobblymum Thu 29-May-03 12:13:10

Thanks Bear but there's a Mothercare near us that says they've got them in stock so I think we'll be going to get one tomorrow. Just got to encourage DH to part with some cash now!!!! If it was up to him, he'd buy everything after the baby was born and he still doesn't get how stupid that is!!!

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