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Rearfacing Car Seats for 9 months to 4 years- Please read and spread the word

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Carseatcrazy Mon 26-Oct-09 13:39:43

Please please spread the word about rear facing car seats for 9 months to 4 years.

“In Sweden between July 2006 and November 2007 not one child under the age of six was killed in a car crash. Children in Sweden sit rear facing until the age of four.

205 children under 5 are seriously injured in the UK every year and a further 21 are killed, while in cars (the AA).

Two thirds of child fatalities in the under–four age group in the UK occur in cars (the AA).”

Rear facing car seats for this age group have now been proven to be 5 TIMES SAFER than forward facing.

If this isn't enough have a look at these: ?v=Y2DVfqFhseo&feature=fvw

The other day I walked past a mum having her car fitted outside a well known retailer, and I felt so sad for her that the staff would be giving her the standard "no seat is safer than any other", when that is total rubbish angry There is a vast vast difference in the safety of these seats.

I just really want to spread the word to other mums and let them see the facts for themselves. (The government and retailers are of the view that UK parents don't want to buy these seats - and therefore don't tell us about them - incidentally there are places across the country now starting to stock them...)

I've done the research, and there is no way in this world I would now get a forward facing car seat. Yes they can be slightly more pricey- but generally about the same price as the higher end forward facing ones- and to be honest, I'm of the view that if you can possibly afford it, safety is the one thing you should skimp on

Anyway, if anyone wants more info, please just give me a shout, also there is loads of great info on:

happy car seat hunting

cleanandclothed Mon 26-Oct-09 13:46:42

Bumping because I agree wholeheartedly. DS's 1st birthday present from us was a rearfacing seat that fingers crossed should last till he is 4. The road safety place in essex is great to go to to try out lots of different ones (and they do tour the country - phone them up and ask if they are coming near you) but they don't sell them, but will fit them for you if (eg) you buy online.

Lucky13 Mon 26-Oct-09 15:22:53

I have a rear facing seat recommended by the Road Safety Officers which tour round the country and they were fab.

I found out details through the website and emailed them direct before trying out different seats with them at our local fire station where the event was held.

I do get a lot of comments from friends, who think I'm odd for having a rear facing seat. A lot of people argue that if the shops sell only forward facing ones then there can't be anything wrong with them.

However there are more and more people now with really young babies who have seen mine and read all the info on rear facing and will definitely get one.

Keep on spreading the word

octopusinabox Mon 26-Oct-09 20:27:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nicm Mon 26-Oct-09 21:06:17

we got ours from and have the britax two way elite. they were really helpful and tried loads in our cars before deciding this was the best fit. also it lasts up to 25kgs instead of 18kgs which is good as ds is 18 months and already 14kgs!! shock you can go to their stores in either belfast or milton keynes or deliver free to uk.

Carseatcrazy Tue 27-Oct-09 14:03:54

Does anyone know about whether the moderators of mumsnet could edit the bit about rearfacing in their "beginners guide to car seats". It's just I think it could do with updating a bit - particularly where is says that they are very hard to get hold of, hard to fit, and expensive.....I'd love them to put a more positive slant on there for any future would be purchasers.....with some links to some the places where you can get them in the uk? Any advice would be great Definitely on a mission to spread the word

Zooropa Sat 31-Oct-09 23:12:38

What about the side impact protection - in the Which testing, rear facing car seats scored 3 out of 5 whereas some forward facing car seats scored 5. Rear facing did score 5 for front impact crashes however.
I have also looked into this and I do believe they are safer as 72% of serious crashes are front impact, but I don't believe it is as cut and dried as would have you believe.

Zooropa Sat 31-Oct-09 23:14:06

Sorry - that was supposed to say "I am not sure it's as cut and dried". I am not an expert but I have looked at a lot of crash test results and at some crash statistics.

Carseatcrazy Mon 02-Nov-09 10:37:10

Hi Zooropa,
Unfortunately the which tests don't test the forces that are placed on the child and their body parts. As someone else said on another thread, the ECE test that the uk car seats are measured against are unfortunately a fairly low baseline. I think like with everything, there are some rear facing seats that are better than others - and some will have better side impact protection than others. I think the best tests to look at for comparisons on the impact of a crash on a childs body- and the forces that different parts of their bodies will be put under is the Plus Test used in Switzerland..... As you say, it may not be as cut and dried as the rearfacing site says, and that no seat is 100% safe, but for me the other research that I've looked into has definitely convinced me to keep my little one rearfacing for as long as possible
Hope that helps

Astrophe Mon 02-Nov-09 10:43:08

bumping, a little sadly though, because, try as I might, I can't find a rear facing seat here in Australia. If anyone is a google-guru and can find one, or can find a way I can get one shipped here, please let me know!

nicm Mon 02-Nov-09 11:58:04

hi astrophe, you could contact, adventuredad from, he ships worldwide. i thought i read somewhere that there was someone doing it in aus or nz, might be wrong though. will have a look tonight for you and see if i can find it.

nicm Mon 02-Nov-09 11:58:49

oh and look on you might find some info on there.

Carseatcrazy Tue 03-Nov-09 09:09:35

Yes Astophe - I think I've seen some of the UK suppliers with shipping instructions too- I'm sure snowflakes (the place I got mine from, which is in Weymouth in the uk) had some form of shipping available. I know the bad thing about that is that you wouldn't be able to try it in your car first though I guess it depends on what car you have and if it's a fairly standard model that they retailers had experience of fitting elsewhere....
good luck

It's sad that its not just the UK that lags behind on some of these things

Astrophe Tue 03-Nov-09 11:40:59

thanks guys, I'll do some more digging. Problem may be that shipping costs will make the cost prohibitive...but I'll see. We have a Holden Commodore, which is the same, essentially, as a Vauxhall Omega, so maybe the retailer will know if it fits or not.

The seat we have can be rear facing until 11kg, but DD is already almost 7.5kg at 3 months, so we wont have too long with it.

It is such a shame this hasn't caught on, and, worse still, I know SO many people who turn their babies to forward facing even before they grow out of the seats that we do have here.

nicm Tue 03-Nov-09 20:09:56

astrophe, i'm not sure if you could use any of them in australia though. read this page and it says that you need a top tether on your seats. not sure what this is though?

also have you looked at special needs seats? this is what the rf seats were originally sold for use in the uk. although the price always seems to be really high hmm

i would also contact adventuredad on the website he is really helpful and might be able to advise you better as he ships to aus for 75 euro, so might know about the top tether straps and how they work or what other people have done.

i found convertible seats on this website too but they only rf up to 12kgs which probably isn't much help to you,

another website recommends contacting kidsafe or the australian red cross, you might know somewhere local to you? hth

Astrophe Wed 04-Nov-09 08:58:36

thanks nicm. i have contacted kidsafe in the past, and they didn't reply. also tried contacting charities for kids with disabilities asking if they know about car seats but also no reply! I might need to try ringing rather than emailing...

The 'top tether' is basicly a length of seatbelt type strap, which tethers the seat to the vehical. In cars sold here there are anchor points - like a little metal loop, usually in the roof of the car behind the rear seats. You can see it here.

Thing is, under current law, you only have to have a child in a seat until they are 12 months! Crazy! After that, its just 'recomended'. They are changing this law in November, but tbh I can't imagine being prosecuted for not using an Australian Standards seat - I've never heard of anyone being stopped, and anyway, so long as I know they are safe I'm willing to risk a fine.

Astrophe Wed 04-Nov-09 09:08:10

oh and thanks, I contacted and they will shop to Au and have recomended a couple that should suit us. I'll do a bit more digging before I get it - its pretty pricey esp once shipping is added.

Sarey1 Wed 04-Nov-09 09:24:10

I have a rear facing seat and found very useful. My DS has a 'Besafe Izi Combi Isofix' and apparantly even though it is made in the UK it is exported to Scandinavia before being shipped back to here!? Why do the manufacturers refuse to market rear facing seats here above 9 months? We should be given the info and the choice. Most Mums I know admire my DS's seat but go and buy a forward facing one anyway cos it's easier than doing a bit of digging on tinternet ... and cheaper too sad

NB BMJ article here about rear facing seats - a bit dull, sorry!

nicm Wed 04-Nov-09 14:31:40

astrophe was thinking about the seats and how expensive the postage and everything would be for you and thought about volvo. have looked on volvo aus website and they have the same rf seat to 4 although it looks like the britax multitech which rf to 25kgs(approx 6) so this may be the answer for you? hope this works, let me know how you get on.

Astrophe Thu 05-Nov-09 13:51:46

nicm, thanks again for the good idea. I rang our local dealer, who said they don't sell them here as they are not approved for Australia Just trying to convince DH its worth the money now...

nicm Thu 05-Nov-09 14:08:26

mmm strange when it's on the volvo australia website! for you as they are a lot of money to start with and then postage on top. would try and get one then that lasts to 25kgs so you get longer use out of it. am off out to get one.

TruthSweet Thu 05-Nov-09 20:00:55

I think you may be able to import one from the US, try googling 'babycenter car seat questions' and you should get some good advice as there are some Australian posters on that board.

Do hope I haven't committed a faux pas by recommending another baby website. blush

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