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What do 10 year old girls like?

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Stilltrue Tue 14-Jun-05 17:49:26

I need to buy a couple of birthday presents in the next few days. My dd is only 6 so I have no experience of older girls' tastes. They are good friends of my ds2 so I want to get something nice. Budget: would go up to £20 for something fabulous but £10-£15 would be better
Any ideas please ladies?

Jampots Tue 14-Jun-05 17:51:31

funky hair dryer/curling tongs/straighteners, jewellery, books, CDs, diary or notebooks, pens, stationary, PS dancemat,

almostanangel Tue 14-Jun-05 17:58:28

12 year old boys!! only joking def sleep over stuff there is a great set in argos called ths so kiss me sleepover kit has a night shirt and tons of stuff and its in a paint tin!

spykid Tue 14-Jun-05 18:00:00

Bought my 10 yr old niece some ello and she loves it.
Can make scenes, jewellery, all sorts!

Kidstrack2 Tue 14-Jun-05 18:14:03

What about those new clikits kits by lego, there are many to choose from with lots of bangles and nice girly things to make!

nerdgirl Tue 14-Jun-05 18:18:19

How about a treasure chest with real gemstones -

on ebay

Stilltrue Wed 15-Jun-05 08:59:53

Thanks everyone - some great ideas. I'm going out now to hit the shops.

bumptobabies Wed 15-Jun-05 09:40:23

my dd is 10 she loves those skoobi doos if you go to toys r us they have kits where they can turn them into keyrings etc i bought dd a book showing her how to make them, the skoobi doos(plastic strings) and the kit with beads and keyring attatchments etc. its the latest craze so shell think your really cool.
hope that helps

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